Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I have new, experimental pendants to share... "Prickly" pendants, lol!! These are what I was hinting at yesterday. I have really been having some fun with these!! I find myself in that ever familiar place of having pictures that just don't do the items any justice, though. Hopefully, I can play around some more after my camera batteries recharge and get some better shots... until then, these will have to do.

Remember a few weeks ago when I made the "Pretending" necklace? I made lots of very baulbous dots on those beads. (Don't ask me why, I can't remember.) I like making baulbous dots and I really like the word baulbous. I like watching the glass while it is soupy and molten, flowing into a large bubble. I like flipping and spinning the hot bead with it's super molten dot getting it to cool into just the right spot with just the right shape.

After the "Pretending" necklace, when I thought I had pinned down what Bead Box Beads I was working on, I made a set of all big bubble baulbous dot beads. They turned out fine, but I hated the colors. Anyway... I let it settle in my head for a while... the big baulbous dots were stewing and mixing around in there... I wondered "would nuggets look good with big huge bubbles?"... "nah, they would be awkward".... "hmmm... I could always stick with rounds covered in big bubbley dots".... "nah, too many people already make those".... "Oh, how about a hollow covered in huge dots?"... "not likely, that is a lot of glass to keep hot."

While in the letting loose, experimental torch time this past weekend, I just kinda played with these. I made the purple one first... just a loose freeform shaped base, lots of big baublous dots, and then lots of little dots on the baulbous dots. When it came out of the kiln... all I could think about was the song "Bare Necessities" from Disney's The Jungle Book... and the verse below in particular....

Now, when you pick a pawpaw or a prickly pear,
And you prick a raw paw, next time beware,
Don't pick a prickly pear by the paw,
When you pick a pear try to use the claw...

Look, I found it on You Tube... "Bare Necessities" video. LOL!!

You'll have to give me some feedback on these. Let me know what you think. They are larger then they look in the phots. Sterling loop to the glassy bottom they are a over 2in. I'll try to get a 'being worn' shot later today.

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Anonymous said...

i love these beads...very unique and unusual. nice job!