Monday, March 24, 2008


Lookie, lookie... something new! Check out "Snagged", a prototype of a new design I doodled. The colors aren't quite there yet, but I will work that out. You'll need to scroll down to check out the shot of me wearing this... it looks so much better on then in the product photos.

Can you believe, for all the wiring I do, this is the first time I have made a "toggle" clasp? Really! It is a great way to use a Big Hole Bead, don't ya think? I am trying to make an effort to balance my use of wire and beads to keep prices down without sacrificing style. I am sure all you jewelry makers have seen the insane rates for sterling silver. I had to place a sterling wire order recently and it was over $600!! I needed 16,18,20, & 22 gauge. Man do I know how to go through wire.

I have been thinking I should turn in my "scraps". You can send your wire scraps to Rio Grande (and other suppliers), they melt it down or something like that, let you know how many ounces your turned in and give you a credit. Last year I had over 15 ounces of scraps!! And I received about $150 credit with Rio Grande. I haven't turned in scraps recently because I use them in bottle caps now. It is a catch 22... I could turn them in and get money back, but not have scraps for caps... or I could keep the scraps for caps and be paying out the nose for wire. Ugh... the dilemma of it all.

In other news (or lack of news) we are still waiting to hear about the house. Our realtor is giving a formal presentation of our offer later today. We aren't expecting anything to come of it, since it wasn't good news with the verbal offer. But who knows what might happen. May be they will have a reasonable counter offer. Keep your fingers crossed for us... I really love that house.

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Shannon said...

LOVE the new bracelet design! I can't wait until you have a few for sale!