Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Milestone Block

In my crabbiness yesterday, I totally forgot to tell you about our ice event! Wednesday morning we woke up to cancelled school and a 1/2in layer of ice, then 3in of snow. Today's bright sun has all that ice completely taken care of. But I was able to get a few shots before it was all gone. I wish you could hear what was happening in this photo. All the melting ice sounded like rain... too cool. No clouds and a down pouring at the same time.

Acknowledging, out loud, that I need a mental health break all ready has my mood improving. I am excited to spend a whole week on another kind of art! And I have gotten a few email asking if I will be selling the work. Hard to say before it is even made, but probably... if I deem it worthy of sharing. LOL. However, before I can wrap myself up in 'me time', I have a few other responsibilities to take care of. First was getting this new display set up at The Milestone Block in Fairport. It is right on Main Street just north of the Canal Bridge... POP IN AND CHECK IT OUT!! Now, I just need to get threw some doctor's appointments... and family engagements over the weekend and it'll be time to relax!

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