Monday, March 10, 2008

Thrown for a LOOP

My STARS... that whole clock change thing has my internal clock totally off. No wait... my internal clock is just fine. It's the clock on the stove, microwave, dvd player, computer desktop and cell phone that are totally off. LOL. I still woke up at the same time I always do, the clocks just didn't reflect that.

My week of "defunkifying" is off to a fantabulous start! There was another big storm here this weekend and it was the perfect opportunity to hunker down in the studio experimenting while the kids and Ron vegged out watching movies. I got to make beads (thankfully the kiln shut down before our power went out)... then prepped this canvas board for the beads that were soaking in the kiln. It is one of two pieces I completed over the weekend.

The piece above, "Growing Glass No3", took about 7 hours from start to finish to make. I kept leaving it and coming back to it. Adding new touches here and there. Like all things I make, there are parts about it that I just love, and parts that make my wanna scrap it. I took this photo early this morning as the sun was coming up... the piece looks so alive! So radiant and glowing. It is that radiant glow that saved it from being scrapped. LOL.

I will post it in the "Beyond Jewelry" section of my website later today, with more photos... watch for it.

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MsBaubles (AliBaubles) said...

Both pieces of art are amazing.....thank goodness you didn't scrap's really fabulous!