Thursday, July 24, 2008

Settling In

Well, did you miss me? My stars, I didn't blog for a few days, and now I have completely forgotten how to do it. I keep forgetting what I wanted to say, lol. It was there a minute ago. Oh well... I'll find the routine again. Just like I am having to do about so many things. A new morning routine, a new cooking routine, a new cleaning routine, a new bedtime routine... you name it and it feels different. Wonderful, stressful, strange, surreal, dreamy... and definitely different.

We are all starting to settle in. I am the kind of mover that does not do towers of boxes that slowly get put away over a few weeks. No No No... when a box comes in the house, it gets sorted and put away, right away. I think that is part of that alter ego of mine that can't stand clutter and likes things orderly.

I have a little bad news to share. This is going to turn out to be the hardest part of this move. Harder then being bumped out of our offer and threaten to be sued... harder then my hubby not handling the stress of moving well... harder then pulling the kids away from their friends... this is really hard. My studio... ugh... it isn't going to be up and running for at least 3-4 weeks.

It is kind of a long story. It starts with my father in law and Ron did some investigating in the basement (where the new studio is going to be). The exhaust for the current, electric clothes dryer is about 15ft long. Which is too long to have the lint and air travel safely, especially with all the kinks and bends in it. It is really a fire hazard. I am having to run the dryer 2-3 times just to get a load damp dry. To make it safer, the washer and dryer is going to be moved to a different area of the basement. This fixes several things. 1) the vent will go directly outside and only a few feet long 2) when the washer moves too, the water will have a direct drain instead of going into a sink with a pump 3) I won't have to walk back and forth between a giant wash tub carrying wet clothes to change the loads over, cause they will be side by side.. and 4) most importantly, the new dryer will be gas, freeing up the 30amp circuit in the electric box for my studio!! All sounds well and good right? A hard project, for sure, but really only a one weekend project. A few hours to put in the new gas line, a few hours to put in the new drainage, and a few hours getting the new electric to my studio area. The thing is my in laws left yesterday for a 3 week vacation. ugh.

I am going to do what a can to have everything ready to go the minute my father in law walks in the door. I may even try to convince to my hubby to do some of the work with my Dad. He knows just as much about putting in gas lines and drains as Ron's step dad. And I will be able to set up other areas of the studio while I am waiting for the new electric.

But... I had to cancel for the Clothesline Arts Festival this year in September. I didn't want to cancel. I love the Clothesline, but I had to admit to myself that there is just no way I would be able to be ready. No way. I will be participating in The Fine Craft Show in November though!! Which is very exciting. It is a fine art show, rather then the street art shows that I usually do. Only 40 artist are selected and it takes place inside the Memorial Art Gallery here in Rochester. Plus, it was juried this year by an artist from The Corning Museum of Glass. To be one of the 40 selected is really awesome!!

Okay... I think that is enough for now. I hope you'll stick around while I go crazy through the next few weeks with no torch. You'll see the process of my studio coming together... you'll see pics of my house coming together... and you'll see me working on things other then glass (painting! knitting!).


Lynda said...

Beautiful wood floors. So your front door opens into the dining room with a great fireplace. Really nice. Can't wait to see more.

SueBeads said...

I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of your house - especially the colors you chose for paint!

ellen said...

I LOVE THIS ROOM!!!!! Since your studio won't be ready for a while (sorry about that), you can take more pictures of the house.
I want to see it all.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

That's too funny -- my first house, built in 1940, had the washer on ONE side of the basement and the dryer on the OTHER side, too! I felt like I should put on rollerblades or something to get from side to side!

Holly said...

The house already looks great!

Hang in there in your studio down time- there is much to be resined, knitted, felted, painted, glued, collaged, altered, organized, etc. that made me tired just thinking of it all.