Thursday, July 31, 2008

Studio Series ~ Part 1

All great projects start somewhere, right? My studio at the last house wasn't built in a day, so naturally, the new one won't be either. (Even though I really want it to!!) I decided it would be fun to chronicle the new studio process here!

I created this panoramic in photoshop so you could see the whole room in one photo. Click it and you should be able to see it BIG. This space it the "new" basement, it's under the addition that was added to this house in 2000. It is big, same as the room above it, at about 16'x25'. The white stuff on the wall is insulation. Something I've been told was "code" when the addition was built. I plan to have the torch down here with me, so having plastic on the walls... no such a good idea. All that was ripped down yesterday.

For now, the plan is to take over half of this space. Thus the half and half on the wall. I have a bunch of neat ideas for how to make the "divider" that will separate my storage area and my work area. I think the little bit of insulation will help with the temps in the winter too. But hey, I used to torch is the teens, I can handle the 60s without batting an eyelash. (I say 60s because there are pipes down here, to keep them from freezing, it won't get below those temps in the basement.)

There are only two lonely outlets on the walls. One you can see in the photo above, and one over on the left wall. And that is why I am waiting for my electrician father in law to get back from vacation! LOL! Two outlets, not enough for kiln and lights. But we'll get that safely squared away in a few weeks.

You had to know I wasn't going to have a studio with bare concrete walls. Did you know that the paint people can tint KILLZ primer all sorts of different colors? Why have a plain white primed basement? Pick a cool color!! I went for a color called "Bayside". It is a color I have been drawn to for months. It may be replacing purple as my "favorite" color. It was funny, I got into a debate with the girl at the paint counter yesterday. She was saying that this primer isn't intended to be a "finish" coat and that I should be buying a second gallon of something. I said yeah, if it was a bedroom, but this is the basement... a utility room... a studio... what, am I really going to debate if the basement should be satin or semi-gloss? Really... do you think concrete will look good as satin or semi-gloss? I ended up saying that I would get the primer for now and get a finish paint down the road. LOL... you know I am going to leave it primer.

Once I get the walls done, I can start to layout the desks and shelves and stuff. I can't wait to get to the unpack supplies part. I need to be working on stuff... I am going crazy.


rosebud101 said...

What a great work area!

CreekHiker said...

Fun Fun! Love the color!

That gal's job was to SELL paint. You can leave it kilz just fine.

deehebard said...

love that color...what color are you going to paint the floor? (hint!)

Cindy said...

Hi Kerry
Can't wait to see your space transform. It's such a nice, expansive area. And that new favorite shade of blue is GREAT.

Lynda said...

Great color! Very happy.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

I can SO see you muraling that wall at some point!