Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I got totally sucked in.

When I wrote yesterday morning's blog post, I was sure I was going to have a lazy day of watching movies while Lauren rested. I was wrong. She ended up feeling right as rain. She begged and pleaded to get to go to school. So, I let her. The whole thing threw me for a total loop. What would I do with my couple of afternoon hours. Would I paint... would I bead... would I read?

I decided reading was out, I couldn't justify being lazy reading minus the sick one, and my desk was too messy to paint (lol maybe I should have tidied up). So I settled into making beads. I have a project I am working on that I am not sure if I can share. But I will tell you this, I need to make four sets of the same beads and have them in the mail very very soon. Anywho, I did what I usually do, I grabbed some fresh rods of my favorite colors and cranked the music really loud. Have I ever told you I am pretty hard of hearing? I started getting ear infections at a few weeks old and really haven't stopped yet. So certain tones, especially low tones, I can't make out. And background noises are extra loud to me. Enveloping myself is sound drowns out the constant ringing I have too and lets me concentrate better. I like music loud so I don't have to try to hard to hear it.

I passed those couple hours really quickly. Got some good work done and before I knew it the kids were home again. Now what? What should I do to pass the time now? Kids were playing (aka bickering and mindlessly fighting with each other to the point of screeching and shrieking). So, I picked up the book I have been working on. Twilight. You that have read it know it is 497 pages, I had gotten to the 150s with out even trying last week, LOL. I got totally sucked in last night and 350 pages later it was 1:00am. I haven't pulled an all nighter reading in AGES. I love to read. Love love love the escape. I love learning new words too. I like finding sentence structures that don't make sense that the editors missed. (though I am very bad a self editing) I like to think I am a fairly fast reader too. I finished the nine billion page Harry Potter in one night, lol.

Now this story.... hmmm.... Edward and Bella. First off, I can't stand the names in this book. Hate, hate, hate. But what kept me reading it? As I lied in bed last night trying to fall asleep after all that reading (it is really hard to turn thoughts off after they have been so active) I was tying to decide just that. I certainly don't have a secret desire to have a vampire fall head over heals in love with me now,lol. I won't be tatooing the word "Twilight" on my body or running up to TV cameras screaming "OMG... I love Edward, I want him to marry me" (did anyone else see all that buzz on the Today Show?) But, I wish that kind of love that was whipped up by the story teller was really out there. Maybe it is. The magical, swept of your feet kind, that has you constantly telling each other how much you love the other during every conversation kind. Is that my age now? I'm I forgetting how to be magically or is it that I am being more realistic. Ah well, I decided it was a good read anyway. Even if it is showing me that I am becoming a skeptic.

You know, I didn't plan this blog post... it is just sort of writing itself. And I don't like that last bit. I don't want to be a skeptic, I don't want to think there are things not possible. I am thinking now that I need to make another Token Journal. This one for Tokens of Magic.

Okay... now for something fun. Let' have a little book club discussion in the comments! Please, feel free to leave a review, or start a conversation... ya know, book club style. I will be around most of the day so I can moderate comments regularly. I will start us off. Wait, I guess I already did... do you think the kind of love portrayed in Twilight is possible? is it possible at such a young age? or maybe only possible when so young?


Michele H said...

When I read the first Twilight book I was feeling that Bella fell head over heels in love with Edward because it was her first true love, sort of an intense case of puppy love. She had been a loner, outcast prior to this, so I'm sure she fell into this love pretty intently. As I read the other books in the series I realized this really wasn't the case. This is no different than people who fall in love in high school, get married and stay married for the rest of their lives. I think it happens, but not everyone is lucky enough to experience such a love. By the way, I probably enjoyed Twilight the least of all the books in the series, so you'll have to get cracking on the others.

Kerry said...

Thanks Michele.

You know, I hadn't thought of it like that. It is a "first love" kind of thing. I remember falling like that for any boy that would give me the time of day. I will have to see what is to come in the next book. I have it in the car already!

I guess I am being skeptical because I don't think that kind of thing lasts. Love changes, and it isn't that they won't be together anymore, but I can't see spending every waking moment talking about how in love I am.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about the book. I don't like love stories because they depress me. There is no knight in shining armour out there to sweep you off your feet and make your life a bed of roses. Only you can do that for yourself.


Shannon said...

Do, vampire-love, tattoos, and screaming at TV cameras is not normal for a 30-something? Uh-oh

I do believe that kind of love can exist, but I don't see myslef expressing it the same way as portrayed in the book. In fact, I think I would get annoyed if my husband acted like that every day of forever. It's just not me, and never has been. (Ever 3-4 days is OK in my book. LOL)
I met my husband when I was 20 and we've been together for over 14 years. Our love has changed over the years and we've expressed it differently over time, but it's still there.

Kerry said...

LOL... I think we are on the exact same wave length Shannon. Thank you for better articulating what I was getting at.

I do like to think that there can be those kind of moments in relationships, but dang it would get boring.

So do you gals think it is the whole teen angst thing? YOO HOOO!!! I am finally acting my age, no teen angst. I have this theory that people tend to stop mentally at tramatic moments in their lives. And then, no matter how old they are, they always see themselves at that one age. My moment would be when I became pregnant with my first son at 19year old. I think I am slowly starting to move out of the 19s in my mind and settling into something closer to what I really am.