Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I dunno...

In my head on Sunday, I had a whole week of blogging set out. I don't hyper plan my posts, but I usually have a general idea what I will talk about each day. I thought I knew what I wanted to tell y'all about today but now... I dunno what it was. LOL.

I got nothin'. No pretty pictures on my camera to share... no clever stories to tell... no beads to show... no new jewelry made. What is up with me? Is it a "February Funk"?

Yesterday was a nothing-goes-right kinda day. Lauren and I were in the studio most of the morning. She worked on cards for a Kid's ATC Exchange while I worked on beads. I have a tutorial due by the end of the week for a magazine. I was rather frustrated with a total lack of certain colors. I am officially out of clear, transparent aqua, transparent teal, ink blue-violet, both the periwinkles, and couple of my other favorites. So although the beads turned out great... they aren't may favorite colors.

Oh no... this post might be going the way of a whining fest. Ugh.

So, once Lauren was sent off to school, I made a fire to get toasty by and worked on a secret knitting project. I am making Lauren the "Jane Austen Dress" for Mason-Dixon Knitting. I was so excited to finish it!! Spent a pain staking hour picking up more then 100 stitches around the neckline for a special finished detail... only to have to rip it all out because it is too small!! The arm holes need to be at least another 1inch or 2 bigger. double ugh.

Add too that frustration a tantruming nine year old (yeah, the meds still aren't right), and a family debate over wither or not I am comfortable with my 5 year old repenting her sins and being marked with ashes at church today, and a hubby that wouldn't let me try and make the dinner I wanted.... I am a moody grumpy mess.

Definite. February. Funk.

Okay... last miserable February day I was able to turn things around with some tutu twirling and dancing it out Grey's Anatomy style (thanks Kristen). I think the same thing is in order for today. Lindsey is going to come by this morning and show me how to rip out a three needle bind off to fix Lauren's dress top. I will go to my favorite glass website and finally place an order for my missing favorite colors. Then, this afternoon... it is music and beads.

That is the plan.


Kristen said...

Kerry, I hear you... A February funk it is! I would join you on the dance out but the Vertigo wont allow me to spin right now! ha ha I love the plan for your day. Have a good one! I'm sure this funk will leave us soon! :)

Jennifer Cameron said...

You'll snap out of it! I think February is the worst month of the year. March is a close second...good news is that daylight savings is very soon and then April is right around the corner.