Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The State Of The Studio

The President gives a State of The Union speech, and the Governor gives a State of The State speech. I thought it would be fun (from time to time on days I don't know what to talk about) to give you a State of The Studio.

Bead Desk

Currently on my Jewelry Desk: The start of the hollow and spiral necklace. A bowl of beads awaiting their projects (projects that are yet to me thunk up). Spools upon spools of wire, but no 14g. D'oh. Look it me in my ink, purple, periwinkle and turquoise fetish. I wonder when I am going to get bored of it? I am also working on 4 custom orders right now too!!

Glass Desk

Currently on my Glass Desk: Lots of used up rods of transparent ink. Lots of turquoise and a little bit of pink. I am also starting add dashes of lime green too. And I used up all the grey too. I have been loving these colors the past few weeks. But I am starting to feel a change. I am wishing for something hotter and fiery. Hmmm... orange, fuchsia, red... maybe some dark purple too. Who knows!? I am making it my personal mission to have a BIG HONKER bead update before the end of the month. So start saving your pennies. There is goodies coming. I am calling it "The Size Matters" update, HA!

Lauren's Snow-WO-man

Currently Around The House: A Snow-WO-man that Lauren and I worked on over the weekend is visible from the living room. As we made it, we said it was definitely a girl because we are two girls (Lauren's words, lol). So like the Talis-Wo-man necklace, this is a Snow-Wo-man. It was close to 40 the day we made this, now it is going to be 13 tomorrow. Tis' the weather in Rochester. Not much we can do about it, but have snowball fights and drink hot cocoa.


Currently On Knitting Needles: A tank top for summer... or for layering over a cute top. I think I was channeling THIS bracelet as I picked the colors. The pattern for the tank top is HERE. I am close to half way done, believe it or not. I am quite proud of my knitting skills, to think, a year or so ago, I didn't even know how to knit!

So that is it. That is the current state of things in the studio.


Meredith said...

Love the beads in the bowl!! Especially the cone and barrel shaped ones. Those colors are some of my favorites too. I can't wait to see what you do with them, I am sure it will be fabulous.

Kathy said...

Hey Kerry,
I could see you doing up sets of the Alice in WOnderland beads including earrings in the sets. Those colors are so awesome. YOur ideas just seem to POP....
Your beads ROCK!!!!

Cindy said...

Hi Kerry
The snowWOman is so cute!!! Tell Lauren I said so. :-) I especially like the checkerboard looking tube in the bead bowl! And you know your jewelry from the other day is right up my alley! Are they heading to Joolz? :-(


hi Kerry ..
love your work...
we have been following your blog for some time....love it

I love it so much we are putting you under GLASSY GIRLS WE LIKE..

the Gaffer Girls

Ellen said...

Wow, that was fun peeking into your life. Thanks.