Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tied For First

Yesterday I said the Sweeney Todd tickets from my sister was my favorite birthday gift, but I was wrong. There is a second favorite gift that is tied with that theater experience as the best gift.

Knitting Needle Case

I know it looks like a rather simple, non-descript, folded up piece of pretty fabric... but it holds something special inside!!

Knitting Needle Case

My dear friend Lindsey made this for me. We have a special tradition of handmade gifts for our birthdays. Her birthday (Aug 13) is my half birthday (Feb 13) and thus, vice versa. The past couple of birthdays she has gifted me beautiful hand knit socks. I have worn them so much that I have worn holes in the soles of them. I love love love my special socks!! This year, I asked for something different... a knitting needle case... and boy did she deliver!

Knitting Needle Case

The outside fabric is from a recent fabric trip we took together. And the inside fabrics are scraps from a quilt I made. I gave her the scraps knowing what the "main" fabric would be. I had no idea how the design would turn out or just how special she would make it. Look close!! Can you see "KAB" in the stitching? Ah... I love it!!

I tried to convince Lindsey that she should make these for her Etsy shop. Anyone think they might want one?

PS... hey L... I am terrible about writing thank you notes... lemme just say... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!


Ellen said...

What a talented and wonderful friend you have, Kerr. Lucky you.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

I have a needle case but no where near as cute a fabric as that! I got mine years ago and it's "old lady" fabric. (pouts)