Monday, April 13, 2009

Down to the Wire & An Auction!


Things are really getting down to the wire here (pun intended, lol). I keep having flashes of panic attacks when I think about what I still have left to get done and when it needs to get done by. But I have lists and I am ticking things off one after another. As long as I keep to the list, I will be set.

We had a simple holiday weekend around here. We built our raised bed veggie gardens (pictures coming later this week) and had a lasagna lunch at my sister's yesterday. The kids are all spoiled with candy coming out their ears. This year I was smart and grabbed an extra bad of peanut butter M&Ms for me and Ron rather than stealing from the kids' baskets. LOL.

I have an AUCTION Alert for you!! The Glass Gala at the Memorial Art Gallery is just a few weeks away. Each of the artists having trunk shows during the Glass Wear exhibit is offering up a piece to the be auctioned during the gala. YOU CAN BID!!! My piece is HERE, and I added a button on the side bar to find it easily. The piece being auctioned is "Honey & Rain". YES, out of state bidders are welcome! The gallery will happily mail the piece to the winning bidder. The website allows for "pre-bids", and the high online bid becomes the opening bid during the live auction on the night of the gala. Staff at the gallery is available to place bids on your behalf during the live auction, just send them an email!! The Memorial Art Gallery is such a gem in Rochester, so bid high, and keep it bring amazing exhibits like Glass Wear to our little city!


And I will leave you with a little preview... one of the beads from last week. I have a new Zoozii's press!! The 1 1/2in spree press. I did a bit calmer "Mod Dot" style bead. Oh, My, Stars... I am in love with this bead (and the finished piece it became). *sigh*... back to work.


Christine Brandel said...

I Love Memorial Art Gallery! Hope the auction goes well!

I really, really like the dot bead, too. :)

Cindy said...

Love that pendant!

Eileen said...

awesome bead kerry...good luck with the auction...

ahh...presses...still scare me but i do have a small collection...must pull them out someday...