Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For A Beautiful Baby Girl

juliet's sweater

juliet's sweater2

I bought some yarn at Christmas hoping to make some leg warmers for Lauren. It is Dream In Color Baby in the Ruby River colorway. A super soft, super colorful, super warm wool. Time got away from me, and the little leg warmer didn't happen. So the yarn has been in my stash just twiddling it's yarny thumbs waiting patiently for it's turn to be used.

Saturday morning, I got news that my cousin Audrey had a baby girl!! You might remember the necklace I made for her wedding in November 07. And you might remember that she asked me to be her son Ben's god mother. And now... Juliet Grace is here!! The minute I heard the news, I tossed aside the project I had started knitting for the new baby and grabbed that pretty yarn.

I decided a little sweater would work... and hey, wait a minute. Does anyone remember the name of the sweater I knit in January?!? The JULIET sweater!! How stinking cute is that. The pattern I started with is one on Ravelry called Boheme, but I changed out the lace pattern to the one I used on my sweater. Look at me and my sweater modifying swankiness. Who knew? Hey wait a minute... Audrey reads my blog... I wonder if this is where she got the name,lol. I am pretty sure she has her hands very full and won't be reading today. So this will still be a surprise.

Baby sweaters are so gratifying. They knit up so quick. I really haven't work more than couple hours on it and it is already almost done. I can't wait to see it on her. :)

juliet's sweater3


Christine B. said...

Oh! I love those colors, and the pattern, too. It will be gorgeous on a sweet new baby!

Eileen said...

oh i love it kerry...the colors are awesome...perfect for spring/summer...make sure you get a picture of her modeling it...