Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Because

All Of 'Em (group shot)

Would ya take a look at that... I made something. Something bead related. LOL. I don't have much time in the studio this week. What with the kids being home and having to constantly referee their bickering, I don't get much time to stow away and bead. BUT, thank the heavens for my MOM!! She signed the kids up for Splash Week at the YMCA. So I get an hour each day to get a little done. I spent yesterday's hour making these little doodads.

Aren't they sweet? Nothing wild and crazy... just sweet and simple, playful pops of color. Perfect for the coming months of funner necklines and ponytails (if your hair is so inclined). The great thing? They were all made from beads I had just wasting away on my desk. Alone... they would have sat there for a while then eventually gotten sent to the bad bead jar... or the jar I take to shows to let people play with beads. Together though... they work. One happened to roll near another one and I liked it. So grabbed another one and liked it too. I think my beads watch out for each other. They know when they should have a fate better than the bad bead jar and they roll around my desk seeking each other out. Till... they find their little beady matches made in heaven and get made into doodads.

I will send today's hour of solitude posting these little numbers on my website. I hope you'll scoop em up. They need loving homes. While you are waiting for them to be posted... click on over to my FLICKR gallery and you can see close ups of each one. OH, and I ordered up new chains (snake chains and bead chains)... in my opinion they are the best chains to show these off on. They won't be here until Friday, but let me know if ya want one! Otherwise, they should easily pop onto any chain ya got.

All Of 'Em (alternate view)

Anyone else have projects like these? Doodads you come up with by chance? I would love to see!!

The pendants are posted!! CHECK THEM OUT!


Christine said...

I love them all! Seeing as how it's my birthday, I may just have to pop over to your webpage and buy myself a present!

Jenn said...

Hey, Kerry - these are SO cute! And, yes! I have projects like these. Most of my best work starts this way.

For example, tonight's activities: I have nothing but CiM Sapphire and Vetrofond Odd Lot Banana in my kiln. I've been reconnecting with glass and learning my new lampwork setup. Although it's nothing but spacers, something was tickling my brain. Aha! French country! Just a twist on the classic blue and yellow! I'll email you a pic when I'm done.

Eileen said...

kerry...i love your little doodads (sp?)...they are so fun and you... i want to dip my hand in your bad bead jar, bet i can find some goodies in there...

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

You know, they remind me of carnival rides, like the tilt-a-wheel or the brightly colored carousel horses and animals, going round and round - like the twinkling lights on the carnival booths, three tries for a nickel to knock down the pins ... lots of fun, excitement and bright colors.


Pretty Things said...

Psst... you really should have sent me that "bad bead jar"!

Mary Ellen said...

Hey-small world--my Jeff is lifeguarding and giving lessons at Splashweek while he's on break! Awesome doodads--I like the cream with blue dots.

Yvette said...

I have a take on a Doodad, not so much created by chance but its a way I use up the odd beads I have. Not sure the best way to show you these so I will link to my blog, see the entry Dotty Flowers Pendants