Monday, April 27, 2009

Springs In Action

charlotte's necklace

Oh My Stars... what a fantastic weekend. Compared to the week I had last, this weekend was worlds better. The weather was spectacular, the kids behaved, I got to work in the studio, and went thrifting, and did I mention, the kids behaved. :) I got a ton done that needed getting done. We worked in the gardens (front yard and veggie... more on that soon) and I was able to clean the studio. *sigh* It really was just dreamy. The kids are off today too. Some nonsense about not using any snow days (this winter with our record snowfall, insert eyes rolling here) so they have today off. Keep your fingers crossed that today goes as well as the past two!!

One of the things I needed to work on the past few days was this necklace. It is a semi custom piece. I say "semi" because other then they fac that I was asked to make a necklace, I had a blank slate. So it isn't custom in the way that was asked to use certain colors or a certain design... it just needed to be a necklace. It is for a member of The Gallery Council to wear to the Glass Gala on Friday night! What an honor it was to be asked to create something for such a special night. I have been hemming and hawwing over what to do for weeks now. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute to kick out something cool. We all perform better under stress, don't ya think?

I am kinda at a loss for what to name it. I was thinking "Spring Into Action" but that sounds a little corny to me. I like clever over corny when it comes to naming things. Anywho... the necklace has nine hollow beads with six hollow wire beads. These are made kinda like the wire coils in my "Temporarily" necklaces that were in WireStyle, but with a few more steps and twice the length of wire. They are as big, if not bigger then the glass beads. I really like 'em. As I was making the hollows, I had one of those "well, what if I do this?" ideas. I can't wait to get started on that design. Oh and look... I chopped my hair off again.

charlotte's necklace worn

Oh, and if you ever wondered why I say Oh My Stars... it is from watching this Bugs Bunny Cartoon about a million times as a kid. Gotta love YouTube... the original cartoon is a lot longer, but this is the best part.


Ellen said...

Kerr - the necklace is TDF. The lucky lady wearing it will get tons 'o comments.

Anonymous said...

You just MADE my day! You know that is by far and away my most absolute FAVORITE cartoon. I havent actually seen it in so long. no cable :(
I highly suggest everyone to view the entire cartoon if they get a chance it's hysterical. But ya that scene in particular we quote a alot. "you monsters the things you must do...." hahahha.
Oh ya the necklace is cool too ;)


Yee said...


You are the queen of hollows!!


Nonie said...

Agian! A beeeutiful piece of work Kerry! I thought maybe you got that saying from the old bewitched series but you are wayyy to young for that. :)

Kerry said...

Nonie... are you crazy!?! I LOVE Bewitched!! I have watched all the episodes, with both Darrens. HA! And seriously... too old for Bewitched? When I am linking to a cartoon from 1946? LOL... I lived for Nick at Nite for most of my childhood :)

Thanks for all the compliments.

Kristen said...

Kerry, beautiful necklace! You do work well under pressure! :)

Cindy said...

What a beautiful those colors and wire coils for sure. The lucky recipient will be so proud to wear this on Friday. Wish we could see more of your new 'do! :-)

TesoriTrovati said...

You take the most amazing photos of your work, Kerry. That piece is really stunning...airy and light but yet with a certain industrial feel. Love it!
Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

Miss K--I haven't had the chance to tell you when we chatted how much I like this piece. I wish I'd had the chance to see it in person! I love the balance it has, and the colors. . . *sigh* So perfect.