Friday, April 17, 2009

Laurelle's Flowers

Laurelle's Flowers

Back on April 4th, while I was working away, a little friend of mine turned 4. Laurelle is quite a charater. She is very independant, spirited, and bright. She loves to be outside on adventures and hates pink (just like her Mama). lol. I put together this painting for her to pput in her room, with her new big girl bed and big girl quilt.

The canvas is 8x10, with acrylics, spray paint, pen and ink, with water colored vintage papers, and glitter glue. Oh it was fun spray painting! I have a can in the studio for a secret progect I have planned (if I can ever find the time for it). So I grabbed it and spray... I highly suggest it. Oh, and the pages I used were from that same old book as I have used in other projects, "Garden Without Walls". Perfect for Laurelle.


Shannon said...

Wow! I just love that! I usually stink at painting, but I really think I should try something like that. My daughter's walls are too empty and need some sparkle.

Cindy said...

Kerry, this is so pretty. I love the colors, the sparkle and the way you made the flowers. She's gonna love it!

Nonie said...

Sweet as can be Kerry.