Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Thrifting Goodies

This past weekend was a big one for estates sales around here. I couldn't get to many, but my Mom got to all of them. She took me back to some of the "second" day ones on Saturday where everything is 50% off. Gotta love on sale left overs!!

thrifted crates 1

The first goodie is the one I see the most now that it is here in the house. Old crates! You are thinking "Kerry, why are you excited about old crates?" Cause, they are just so cool!! I have been wanting some crates since seeing what Amanda Soule (aka SouleMama) did with some crates. Such.A.Good.Idea. I have wanted a way to break up the monotony that is the large brown back to my couch, and since the perfect table has yet to make it's presence known to me... the minute I saw these crates I knew they had to be mine.

thrifted crates close up 1

They have been stored in an attic for who-knows-how-long. Which is great because it really preserved them well... no mold or rust to be found and the labels... OH.MY.STARS I love the labels!! The color is just so rich and fantastic. It really speaks to me... it whispers... "kerry, oh kerry... aren't we pretty?" HA! My dad checked these out and he seems to think that from the graphics that they are from the 1940s... I wonder if you could find that out for sure? Any who... they are in my living room. Waiting patiently to be filled with books and nick knacks and to hold drinks for loungers on the couch. Oh, and the price? There are 3 crates (they are doubles) there... they were $2.50ea. There is another 4 hole crate that I got along with these for the same price and that is hiding out in the spare room, waiting for the big spare room reveal.

thrifted bottle

This next piece is one my Mom found and brought by for my to see and I instantly stole it. Yeah, that's right... I stole it... took it right outta her hands and put it on the mantel in the dining room with out her even realizing what was going on. This bottle. I love it! I love the height, the shape, the color. It is more then 2ft tall and the loveliest shade of gray/green. And the price? $10. Thanks Mom!! If you click on this photo, it will take you over to Flickr and you can read notes I put on the photo about some of the other things you see there.

new mugs

Last but not least (and not really last, cause there are other goodies I got that I am saving for another day)... Pyrex mugs. You might remember THIS thriftiness trip where I picked up my set of Corelle dishes. Does Correlle have one "r" or "rr"? I can never remember. Anyway, my set came with the tea cups and on Saturday day I found a set of 10 coffee mugs!! For $1.25!! NO, not each... for all TEN!! Love them. They are Pyrex "milk glass", I think, and I have been having my morning coffee in these for days *sigh*... anytime you wanna stop by and have a cup of coffee with me and use my cool mugs, you just let me know.

Okay... in other news... you may have noticed there isn't much beading talk going on here. That is because there are BIG... I mean AWESOME & HUGE... beading things going on in the background that are super secret. I can't share yet... but you'll be the first to know when I can disclose things. ;) I will try to get you new jewelry to swoon over soon. I got a trunk show to prep for!!


Lorelei said...

I loooove your crates! What an awesome find. The labels are super!

Sounds like you have some good places to shop for antiques where you live. let's set up a time to get together anyway- i wanna use your mugs.

Cindy said...

I am a mug nut, I enjoy drinking out of just the right mug when I have tea, cocoa or coffee. It gives me just a little extra enjoyment. In my old house I had a big sunroom, I would turn my chair around to face the corner. From there I could look at all the feeders, watch the animals come into the back yard totally unaware they were being watched. I would sip a pot of tea in one of my imported English tea pots. I have a collection of almost 100 tea pots. It is fun to pick one out and enjoy a freshly brewed pot.

I love Corelle, also!!!

Anonymous said...

can't wait, can you give us any clues or hints?? Could you give me a call when you know of a great sale...I would give you a head start! Great finds.

Marcia B.

TesoriTrovati said...

Such great finds! I love that bottle and have nothing but admiration to give you for secreting it away from your mom (I would have done the same!)
Can't wait to hear your awesome news...Enjoy the day!

Pretty Things said...

LOVE the bottle!

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

You really lucked out on those crates! Fabbo colors, and I love "Ultra California" (hope I read that right). The tall bottle is fun too, but what I'm really liking is the painted tray near it!