Monday, April 20, 2009

Until I Snap

Okay, so I am hoping I am not alone in what I am about to tell ya about. We know that I have obsessive compulsive tendencies. I go into psycho cleaning modes where the baseboards want to run and hide from me. I am a busy body that always needs to be doing something. But then again, in a home with five people... four of them who can't pick up after themselves... things don't stay nice for long. It is a vicious cycle and I can't do it all.

I have developed a good coping skill though. I ignore things. This is especially easy to do with our upstairs. Technically, I only need to be up there to sleep so I can go hours and hours and hours with out stepping foot up there.


Unfortunately, my coping skill only works for so long... and then I snap. Does anyone else? See, on the way to my bedroom there is this little nook of a room. We call it "the computer room", lol. Though, I have been told by our neighbors that it was used as a bedroom by one of the previous owners. The owners that like to paint rooms a million different colors. Since moving in, this room has gotten on my nerves, when it shouldn't because it is so quaint. It has low ceilings, yes, but a sweet little cove in behind the room that would be an awesome reading spot. But, it was yellow... all yellow. Yellow walls and yellow ceilings and a yellow fixture that case a yellow hued light. I could have dealt with the yellow, were it not for the PERIWINKLE TRIM!! Not to mention the green door. UGH.

prepainting 2

Can I just go on the record saying something right now.... NEVER... EVER... UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES... should you paint your trim a color other than white!! Don't do it. Step away from the paint chips and grab a premixed can of soft white. It is a pet peeve of mine. I hate painted trim. Trim should always be white. It frames the room. It makes for easy future paint jobs too. Who wants to try to match periwinkle trim every time the room needs a coat of paint? Say it with me... paint.trim.white.

Yesterday was the day I snapped on this room. I just couldn't take walking by it again. Something had to be done about it. I ran out to Lowes about Noon and grabbed a gallon of white paint, randomly grabbed a pretty green swatch and had a gallon mixed up, and I bought a new $12.98 light fixture. I was able to paint the ceilings, all the trim, and cut in the color by dinner time. I have been hunting on CraigsList for an old desk for the room. And I am having dreams of finding an antique iron bed frame to actually be able to use this as a guest room. Shock.Horror... imagine using the room for something other then playing video games!!

prepainting fixture

I am headed up to the room right now to finish the walls. I will show more pics when it is finished!!


Jenn said...


Yes. I agree. Or stain it in natural wood tones (my dad's pet peeve...he hates painted wood). Me? It depends on the grade of wood. But, I do like white (or off-white if the case calls for it) painted trim on paint-grade trim.

Regarding OCD...I can relate. I actually don't like to clean up TOO much. If I do, I get OCD, then I can't go to sleep until absolutely everything is in perfect order. I will go to sleep and WAKE UP with the need to fix something that I remember being out of order.

Ignoring is a useful coping mechanism. I know once I "snap" (like you did) on painting my natural wood furniture black, I will not sleep until it's done.

I'm sorry. I know how you feel.

However, I can't wait to see your new room!

SueBeads said...

You're a wild woman, Kerry!

Kerry said...

I totally agree Jenn... natural wood trim, should be left alone. Painted trim... should be white/antique white/offwhite... just make sure white is in the title. LOL!

Kristen said...

I'm on board with the natural wood or painted white trim! AND your OCD issues.I have them too! It's such a cute little nook, my office is little like that in a nook in my house. Can't wait to see the finished room! I know it will be a lovely little guest/computer/reading room! :)

Hearts of Glass said...

It's going to look so good! We have a half-story attic bedroom that we painted pale green in our house, and the light off those walls is lovely. Changes from bright spring green to pale moss depending on which lights are on and the angle of the sun. Very soothing!

Eileen said... i agree with the trim question...natural wood or white is the way to go...rule of thumb...
but kerry...i want to know that once this room is finished as a guest room?...i want to be your guest...(that's a joke sweetheart)...
good luck...can't wait to see your fresh new hideaway...

Yvette said...

I am so with you on most of what you have written. We are a house of 5 and at them moment I am under par waiting for some treatment so there is a lot more around that I am trying to let slip under my radar than usual. The other weekend I finally snapped and did a huge clean which left me exhausted on the sofa for a couple of days.

As for painted trim..... Our house was a throw back from the 1970's. We have a lovely 1900's house which was stripped of all character and to top it all we had brown trim, advocado trim, some bright blue and some pink..... All to coordinate with the swurly carpets and wood chip walls - nice!

Cindy said...

HAHA, I thought it was just me that broke and went on cleaning frenzies! I can't wait to see it when it is done!