Monday, May 25, 2009

Adventures in Loveland... Part 3


Anyone who knows me well (aka my family) will tell you, I am not one to travel off the beaten path. I am a creature of habit and when I don't follow my habits, I get a little anxious. When I go to a resturant for the first time, I am always biting my nails not knowing what to order. Then, once I find something I like, I will order it every time I go there, nothing else. I really only know a single route to any given place, and that is the road I take. You know what I mean? Anyway, it is something I am working on.

While chatting in the photo studio with Joe, we got on the subject of fine arts students. I mentioned that one of my uncles has a degree in Fine Art from Nazarath College. He asked what he "does", and I told him sculpture. Joe said "well, don't ya know, Loveland happens to be one of the sculpture capitals of the world!" Huh what? Loveland? What are you talking about?


Turns out Loveland/Ft. Collins really are famous for sculptures. There is a huge sculptural event every year that basically shuts the cities down. And just a couple of turns off the beaten path I was taking everyday was a place called "Bensen Park Sculptural Garden". The link takes you to a cool site that shows a map of the park, you can float your mouse over the numbers and a photo of the sculpture in that spot will appear. More then 120 pieces in one little park!

We wrapped up shooting early on Friday and I found myself with a little time on my hands. Not enough time to go up into the mountains (an adventure I wanted to take with my friend Debbie on Thursday but the weather was uncooperative), but enough to take a little detour. I don't think y'all realize what a huge step that is for me! And I truly "enjoyed the moment".


There are lots more photos from Benson Park in my Flickr photostream. Go check them out!

Another "playing" highlight of my business trip was getting to see an old friend. She isn't old, lol... but our friendship is. Debbie and I have known each other since 7th grade(that would be circa 1990). We had sleep overs, her family introduced me to having popcorn with pizza, we always made cookies when we were at her house, and once, we did a movie about Anne Frank in her living room with her nine brothers and sisters for an english project. When I got a car, we drove to school together everyday. After our weddings we lost touch. We have sent emails now and then, but life with kids makes it tough. You know I have three, and she has four herself (ages 6, 5, and twins almost 3). Once she moved to Colorado we really really lost touch.

As fate would have it... Debbie lives just about 20mins from where I was in staying!! She met me at the apartment the first night in Loveland and we headed out for a bit to each and lots of chatting. Thursday while I was there was her birthday! And we hung out in her kitchen cooking and chatting like we have never been apart. LOL... and I answered her question "was high school really as bad as I remember it?" with a resounding "YES" and she said "I knew I would get an honest answer from you!!" Oh how I wish we were closer. I would love having her and her crew over for backyard picnics and wine nights in the winter (or spring or summer or fall for that matter). I am sad to have left her there!! But hopefully, she will be here in NY next year visiting family and I can return the favor of a night of good food, lots of chatting, and good times.



Cindy said...

My husband and I found the bronze sculpture factory while visiting his mother in Loveland. They weren't doing tours that day, but when we said we drove all the way from Nebraska one of the tour guides took us around. He was a huge Huskers fan. WE got to see how each sculpture was done. At that time they had a full size horse with a little girl standing on it's back reaching up to pick an apple. It was really big and very detailed. I got back to work, about 6 months later this statue was sitting in the cafeteria at the hospital where I worked. I couldn't believe it, I have a fondness for that art piece once i saw it being 'born'. Loveland is a great place.

Ellen said...

History with a girlfriend is one of the most precious gifts there is; I'm so glad you got to physically reconnect.

Cindy said...

It was fun to read more about your trip...and that was so nice that you could visit with an "old" friend. What a coincidence that she happened to live right around the corner. I love the pic with the kids spinning in a circle...the sculpture has such great movement.

Michele H said...

Thanks for the lovely pictures of the park. My husband grew up in the Longmont area. I'd love to go to that park next time we head to Colorado. Sounds like you had a really exciting and successful trip.