Tuesday, May 05, 2009

State Of The Studio

It has been a few months since my last State Of The Studio address. Since I am kinda at a loss for words today, I thought it was time I did another one.

state of the studio 1

On Jewelry Things: I am in the throws of "research" for the new book. I am finding it incredibly inspiring, yet sorta frustrating. I am discovering worlds I wouldn't normally ever delve into and it makes me want to try things. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to experiment right now. Why? Well, I am currently: preparing for a trunk show, working on the new book, getting ready to head to Loveland CO for the photo shoot of first book on May 19th.

state of the studio 3

On Beading Things: My beading time keeps getting thwarted. I have had a few windows of opportunity to torch, but it is really limited. I am trying to use it wisely, but that doesn't always happen. The colors I am craving are BRIGHTS! But, brights that lend themselves to lots of blue. *sigh* Who woulda thunk blue would become my favorite color... I always thought I was a purple/pink kinda girl.

state of the studio 2

On Life Around Here: Things are in bloom! Compared to the last State Of The Studio: Around The House image, things look really different! The Sugar Magnolia is pretty much spent already, but the Dogwood is coming in nicely. We have built several raised beds for veggies and strawberries, but I want to wait to share that until it has a little more life to it. LOL. It still looks like a bunch of boxes full dirt and hay at the moment.

state of the studio 4

On Knitting Projects: I am still working on my "Pucker" top that I have show in process a couple of times. I have finished the back and I am working threw a tedious part. I need 15inches of stockinette stitch (yawn). I have about 10inches done so far before I get to do the cool puckering. The yellow yarn there is for the next project I have lined up. It is a top called "Buttercup" by Heidi Kirrmaier. My pal, Lindsey, and I are going to do it as a knit-a-long. Meaning, we are knitting the same top at the same time. Her's is a different color thought. *sigh* I really wanted yellow.


Holly said...

that buttercup top is toooooo cute! Can I be in your knitalong too?

Cindy said...

Your photography is excellent! I'm loving these large photos, especially your lampwork station and the pink dogwood. I know you loved purple and now favor blue. I used to favor pink and now love blue best too! BUT I never knew YOU liked pink....I thought you were anti-pink!

Kerry said...

moi? anti-pink? NEVER! I just tend to favor hot pinky fucshia type pink over powdery baby pink.

Cindy said...

Really,Kerry! Somehow, someway I thought you had a serious aversion to pink!! I specifically thought of you as detesting it even. Wow, I learn something new every day!