Monday, May 11, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

habe momters day

"Habe MOMters Day" My make-shift card from Lauren on her dry erase board. I had to get a photo before she is on to the next thing. She is a writing fool these days, lol. I am sure the spelling will come along in time :)

How was every one's mother's day? Or, just because you are a girl day? (you don't have to be Mom to celebrate) I was spoiled rotten all weekend. Not only was it mother's day, but Saturday was Ron and mine's eleventh wedding anniversary! Saturday we got to have some kid-free time and we snuck out to a movie. We saw Star Trek. Yep, we are a bunch of Trekies. LOL. I don't know many other couples that would get as excited about having their anniversary weekend the same weekend a movie is released as we did. We have been counting it down for months! And the move didn't disappoint. You just can't look at it as if that is James T Kirk and Spock and McCoy, it is a whole new Star Trek... everyone just happens to have the same name, ha! After the afternoon flick, Ron and I came back home to have some leftover pasta and sauce. Not very romantic, but the peace and quiet was wonderful for a few hours.

Sunday was equally as nice. The kids gave me lots of hugs, and cards like the one above. We worked on the house... they made me new window boxes and we planted strawberries, and broccoli, and we took the shutters down on the house. Right now the color scheme of the outside of the house is faded mint green with cream trim and red shutters. By the end of the week the shutters will be dark navy blue. I still don't care for (insert, loath with a passion) the faded mint green, but Ron is baiting me with remodeling the kids' bathroom if I hold off on painting the house. The kids' bathroom is old and yellow, and no matter how often I clean it there is an odd smell wafting in there. So, bathroom remodel is winning over the painting of the house, but the shutters should help a little.

Dinner was amazing here. I have said before... I don't cook. Ron is the master chef in this house. He dolled up some amazing rice with carrots and green beans and white wine.... and oh my stars... the shrimp! Sweet chili peppered shrimp... yum. And oh yeah, some grilled teriyki steak on the side. I was a glutton and couldn't get enough. Though I did call my Mom and Sister and offered to share. Speaking of my Mom, the project I started for her last week was a total bust. Beautiful colors and inspiring, but ugh, horribly sized. It just didn't work. So I need to figure out another way to spoil her.


Cindy said...

Lauren's drawing is so cute...good thing you caught it on "film". And that Ron...maybe he'll open a restaurant one day. You can teach workshops and he'll cook up something yummy for us attendees. Okay, it's a dream. :-) Did you go to those estate sales?

Ellen said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful; so glad you enjoyed yourself.
We had a good one too. I guess I got a dog for Mother's Day.

Shaiha said...

Oh I totally understand. May 9th was my anniversary also and we were watching and loving ST