Monday, May 04, 2009

Something In Air

gala attire

I don't really know how to describe the buzz that is in the air at the moment. It really is only the "early spring" around here, but it feels like the middle of summer. The sun is bold in the sky, and the breeze is fresh. Only tell that the summer isn't really here is the lack of leaves on the trees and the empty veggie gardens. I am really feeling like I am thriving of this buzz. I feel good mentally, I am working on getting my butt moving so I feel good physically, I feel inspired artistically, and (knock on wood) things are actually going good right now with the kids and my hubby too. I am in the midst of an all-is-right-with-the-world high and I want to relish it and keep it close for when the mood changes, as it always seems to do.

So... on to details from my amazing weekend. Friday... I know I didn't post, that's because I was totally distracted by THIS new estate sale find. And... Friday night, I got to attend the Glass Gala at the Memorial Art Gallery. I had a bit of a last minute dress disaster. Last week, I bought a cute black cocktail dress from TJMaxx. It was a great deal at $20, but I didn't pay close enough attention to the length of it when trying it on in the dressing room. When I got home, Ron told me it was kinda short, but that I looked cute and young. And he assured me it wasn't too short. Apparently, I grew a few inches in the past week, because by Friday night, it was way.too.short. I discovered this about a half hour before I was due at the museum!! I finished my hair, threw on my make up, and ran out to TJMaxx again. I grabbed a dress, tried it on, made sure it was past my knees, and bought it. It worked out well! I am assured by my sister that it is a fabulous dress (Calvin Klein) and looked great. I was so wired with energy after the gala that I popped over to her place afterward to unwind.

gala attire worn

The Gala was awesome. The live auction was so much fun. I got to anonymously bid for a member on a gorgeous piece for a dollar value I would never write a check for, lol. I acted as a spotter too, while the bidding was going on. I saw pieces going for thousands of dollars!! My necklace ended up going for a good price too. And I got to meet and talk to the couple that purchased it. I got a big hug!! LOL and turns out the woman that got the high bid went to High School with a bunch of my Dad's sisters (remember he has 10 sisters). I am really excited for the trunk show at the Gallery Store in June. Mark your calendars! My trunk show is June 11-13th. I'll give more details as we get closer.

To see how I spent most of my Saturday, check out Lorelei' blog!! I had spotted that cabinet weeks ago and have been lusting after it. I got a firm no way from my hubby on buying it. When I saw the new studio Lorelei was working on, I knew she had to have it. It would organize her beads too perfectly. She lives here in NY, just a few hours away. We made a whole day of it!!


Now on to some much needed studio time for me! I have lots of cool things brewing that I can't wait to share. I am really excited about the direction things are going. :) OH... almost forgot! The two photos up top are of the piece I wore to the Gala. I got tons of compliments. It is just so fun. Random and blue... what could be better?

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