Friday, May 15, 2009

Beads & Some Stuff

Beads & Stuff Worn

Okay... I have settled down now. My presentation is turned in to one publisher, and my packages are ready to be mailed to the other one. *sigh* See, I need you send all my tools and wire and "stuff" to Interweave Press for next week's photo shoot, but at the same time, I was working on a piece to put into a presentation for the new book. Can make my jewelry with out tools, so everything suddenly came down to the wire yesterday. But things have settled now and I can take it easy until Tuesday!!

What do you think of this little number? Different huh? I can't tel you too much about it without giving away details that can't yet be revealed, but what I can say it that I wanted to make an easy project that should how you could use a bunch of beads with plain ol' dots on 'em. Then I needed to figure out a creative way to photograph it! Yesterday poured for most of the day which made for crappy lighting but oh well, I did the best I could. I though it would be interesting to "frame" the necklace, literally. So I grabbed an empty frame off the wall, set the timer, and stood still. LOL... try it sometime, it's interesting! LOL

I am tuning out for the weekend. My Ronnie is turning 39 on Sunday so some celebrating is in order! See you on Monday :)

Beads & Stuff


Cindy said...

Oh this one is such a beauty, Kerry! I love the color combination and that it can be worn different ways. It's so perfect with your top. And your creative photography is great! What a novel idea. :-) Please say Happy b-day to Ron for me!

Ellen said...

It's fabulous. You do nice work, kid.