Monday, May 18, 2009

Finished Knit, A Dance, A Birthday & A Cabinet

pucker worn 2

Look! I finished my "Pucker" top this weekend! Woohoo. I was determined to get it done in time to wear on my trip with week. 15 inches of very boring stockinette stitching nearly killed me, but I am so glad I survived. I love how it turned out. I added a couple inches of length since I am tall, but I think it could still use a few more. Oh well. It is done. There is another photo over on Flickr. Just click the image above and pop on over to scroll through my photostream.

What else from this weekend? LOL... I know! My little baby boy went to his first school dance! Jacob went to the 6th grade dance on Friday night. And boy did I ever get lectured about "how things are" today. I had to be okay with him wearing ripped jeans and a short sleeve button up plaid shirt (a new request of his clothing wise, which my dad says is very late 60's and has a name but I can't remember). It was so cute. I wish I could share the high he came out of that gym on. He was a dancing fool that knew no embarrassment. He told me he was in the center of a circle break dancing. He is crazy. LOL, but I think it is awesome that he is so self confident.

OH, it was my hubby's birthday too. My old man it now 39. It was a quiet day, we had breakfast with his parents in the morning, and a cookout with my parents in the evening. In between we just hung out in the backyard burning brush. He said it was a good day.

Check out the photo below. It is the newest piece I have "thrifted" for the house. I picked it up at a local estate sale. I am told it is an "Empire Style" cabinet/hutch. It is solid oak and has a beautiful crackle to whatever shellac they put on the surface of the wood. There is a label on the back that says "CM Bott Furniture Company Incorporated, Makers of Dining Room Furniture, East Ferry St and Erie RR, Buffalo NY" and then there is a blank area with an address typed in that I can't make out. I have googled and googled trying to find out more but I am coming up short. I paid $225 for it and I am wondering if I got my money's worth... what is it really worth?

Alrighty, time to get this day moving. Tomorrow I leave for Loveland CO, to the photo studio of Interweave Press for a week long photoshoot for my book!! Which, has an official title, by the way!! I don't know if I can announce it yet, I will let you know when I can. I am going to bring my laptop and camera to blog along the way. See you from the road.

empire cabinet


Ellen said...

I know nothing about prices of furniture but it looks to me that you got a good deal. The cabinet is beautiful.
I look forward to hearing from you from CO. Should be quite exciting.

Christine B. said...

I love that cabinet, but know nothing about furniture.

The top is gorgeous, and I hope you enjoy your trip to CO. I'll be looking forward to your posts about your adventure!

Cindy said...

I have family in Loveland. It is such a pretty area, my MIL lived on the lake there many years ago, her deck bottom was glass.......a maintenance nightmare, but so much fun!!! I think it was 30 years ago she had that house and was on her 5th husband at that time.

TesoriTrovati said...

You knit too?! You are a creative goddess! I love the cabinet, I would have paid more for that. But the fact that it is old and has a history is worth it. Can't wait for your new book. How fun to do a photoshoot.
A dance?! Goodness. I am not ready for that. My baby is in 6th grade next year. Where did the time go?
Enjoy the day! Have a fun and safe trip! Erin

Eileen said...

kerry kerry did it again...i LOVE the pucker did a great job and it looks super on you...

my hubby's birthday was saturday...we went bowling with my 9 year old...i posted on my blog about his gift...check it out...

good luck with the photo shoot...can't wait for your books!

Cindy said...

I can't believe Jacob went to a school dance already!! You sure had a busy weekend. I can't imagine how excited you are packing for the trip tomorrow! Are you getting a manicure today?

Lori said...

nice cabinet. I don't know much about furniture but I think you did good. Have a safe flight and can't wait for your updates along the way!