Friday, May 29, 2009

That Is Better

simple bloom

Thanks for all the well wished and commiserating yesterday. Sometimes ya just gotta complain, right? LOL. I am feeling better today... not 100%, but I am getting there. A little time in the studio helped a ton. I have been having fun spray painting some of the rusty vintage enameled pieces I have been collecting. I have been doing the spray painting right on the studio floor! I get these colorful little flowers here and there. How cool is that?

This piece is another from "Re-Inspired Junk Collection", this piece called "simple bloom". Yes, with lower cases, because it is simple, not stuffy, it doesn't want capitals. I love that bright coral orange hollow with it's little turquoise dots. *sigh* and it is all hanging from some recycled chain I took out of a necklace my Mom brought me from an estate sale. This is the perfect wear with anything summer necklace. It looks great with almost every color! (all but red, I think)

There are more where this one came from, and I will be sharing those next week. OH! I came up with a bracelet design using these too!! I can't wait to share those. Just need to wait for the spray paint to dry.

simple bloom close up


Cindy said...

OOOOOooooohhhhh, I love that! It's great, the center bead is perfect with the repurposed flower necklace. These are very retro yet 'new'. Can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing.

Shannon said...

That is such a pretty necklace! I agree. It's a perfect summer-wear-with-anything type of necklace! said...

I just discovered your blog via a link to your wire toggle project from last year. I'd love to link to it if you didn't mind. Your blog is gorgeous, and this piece is so, so pretty! Off to explore the rest of your creative space...

Michele H said...


I really like this combination of colors. The muted colors of the base really look good with the bead color. Great design. You are so clever and creative.