Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm A Ravelympian

ravelympics lauren's yarn

Over on Ravelry, they do something fun during the Olympics. It's called "Ravelympics". To play, you pick a project (or two or three), cast on during the opening ceremonies, and hopefully, finish before the end of the closing ceremonies. Then, you win a fun medal to place on your Ravelry project page to show you competed (now the competitive side of me would love the have "winners" and gold, silver, and bronze medals awarded, but that could get ugly and Ravelry is a happy place).

This is my first Ravelympics, and with Lauren's birthday coming up at the end of March, I figured her Momma-made gift would make for the perfect project. The project is The Pixie Dress, a sweet whimsical crocheted dress what will look wicked super cute over jeans and a tee shirt (perfect for layering in these cold months). The yarn is Dream In Color Knitosophy in the color called "Strength" (kinda pricey, but thankfully, WEBS discounts the more you buy, and this yarn is superwash!). You enter your projects in different events like "Lace Luge" or "Cable Cross Country". I entered my Pixie Dress in the Lace Luge event and the Junior Olympics event (jr meaning made for a child).

I had fun casting on while watching the ceremonies. I have been crocheting since I was a little girl, and although I have to look up in the back of the magazine how to do each stitch (cause my mom just showed us how to do it, we didn't know the real names for stitches) it goes really quick. It can be so mesmerizing, really... almost hypnotic. The way you wrap the yarn, dive into the stitch, grab and pull through... do it a thousand times and tell me you weren't seein' double and nearly asleep.

Anyway, I am a little more than half way through the skirt already and thanks to my friend Lindsey's husband, she is convinced I am making her a table cloth, LOL. You can see why I had purple on the brain last week, yes? And speaking of which... the kids couldn't be off school at a worse time. I am feeling so inspired right now. I have lots of ideas brewing... I really wish I was in the studio. Oh well, February Break is just a week. They will be back in school soon enough. And, until then... I have a project to finish.

ravelympics lauren's yarn 2


Eileen said...

OMG...i love the dress kerry...you are a knitting machine...you can do it...go girl go...

Patricia Wood said...

Hee! Hee! So cute!! Go for gold Kerry! Hope you'll show us "work in progress" pics - she will look fabulous in that little dress:)

TesoriTrovati said...

She is darling, your little muse!
My Tiny Dancer and I went to Herrschner's (down the road from my house) and bought up $50 worth of yarn and crochet needles and embroidery floss to donate to Haiti By Hand. They are holding a drive to get craft/art supplies to the women of Despina Haiti who make some incredible folk art. Tiny Dancer's birthday party is Saturday and we are collecting yarn in lieu of gifts. Holding that lovely yarn made me want to learn how to do something with it! But the last time I crocheted I was 11 with my grandma and it was a potholder gone awry! Wish I still had it! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day! Erin