Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Colds Suck

edited to add: turns out this in an ear infection and pneumonia. Looks like a couple more days on the couch for us!
day two home sick


MsBaubles (AliBaubles) said...

Aww's horrible when they're so tiny and get sick.....I hope she starts to feel a little better soon.

Nonie said...

Awe poor Lauren. My little grandson Matthew (2) said to me today. "Gwammy?.can you wub my eeor. :) He has a bad ear infection and a nasty cold.
Hugs to Lauren.

Cindy said...

We've had sick ones in our house too...Nathaniel is starting to finally get over his cold and now Collin has strep. We've been so lucky though going so long with everyone healthy. I hope little Lauren is feeling better soon! That mailbox she's making for Valentine's Day looks great! :-)

Pretty Things said...