Monday, February 22, 2010

Random Mondays

more random monday rambling

water color pencils

:: really looking forward to my studio time this week... I mean really really
:: can't imagine why people like ice fishing
:: why can't gerber daisies last longer than a week
:: so in love with a $1.47 shirt I got at Old Navy that I spent $30 on fabric to make myself a skirt to wear with it
:: could use some cute black flats to go with skirt and shirt

colored copper wire love 1

:: love my new treadmill, though my head is awfully close to the ceiling when running on it in the basement
:: I am antsy for wire I ordered this morning to get here... I am out of 16g & 18g
:: wonder how cool the stuff will be that I make this week without my staple wire sizes... hmm... good personal challenge me thinks
:: how much longer are the Olympics on
:: I am hungry

perfectly paired 1

:: my ears ring constantly
:: gotta start listing the jewelry from Totally Twisted on my website soon
:: thinking about starting "Twisted Tuesdays" on the blog
:: Lauren lost her homework over vacation and I can't for the life of me find where she put it
:: wonder if resin will smear my faber-castell pens

as always... you are welcome to use the comments area to organize your "random monday" thoughts. and I have officially decided to make "random mondays" a permanent feature on the blog!


Christine said...


*Whew, I need some lunch.
*I am SO glad I took the little kids out to the children's museum today.
*I wonder where the copper wire I ordered is?
* I hope my pre-teen is in a better mood when she gets home from school.
*I LOVE my new laptop.
*I'm dying to know what the skirt Kerry's making will look like.
*I should make something to wear to the enameling class, too.
*I should go eat.

Alice said...

-wow, what a colorful post
-my ears ring constantly too, wonder if she has answers as to why hers ring
-I wish this ice and snow would go away
-dang, just ate the last cherry mash
-dang, I'll have to hide all the wrappers so my family doesn's suspect that I ate all those cherry mashes
-better get off the computer and get something done so hubby doesn't suspect that I spent half a day surfing the net
-wonder what other candy we have in the house