Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Snowy Afternoon

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Now... to how we spent the last few hours...
snow day 3
snow day 5
snow day 6
snow day 7
snow day 10

...freezin' our bums off at the park!! We had a quick 6inches of snow last night that made for perfect sledding conditions today. I made a big thermos of cocoa and out we ventured. The boys had some awesome wipe outs trying to jump off a ramp on their snow boards!! And Lauren was zipping down the hills on her boogie board. All our snowy clothes are drying by the fire as I type. It was a really great afternoon.


Barbara Lewis said...

I'm glad to see you take time from your studio work to have such fun with your kids. Great pictures by the way ... Norman Rockwell-ish! And, do bring your books!

TesoriTrovati said...

You are beautiful. And so are those kids. Good fun all around. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day! Erin

mairedodd said...

excellent - looks like you had a blast and everyone should sleep well!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

looks like you had lots of he trying a Shaun White?

Cindy said...

Great photos, Kerry - so bright and crisp! Hey, I like that scarf you are wearing! You didn't take that last photo somehow holding your Nikon, did you?? :-)

Kerry said...

Thanks for the comments :)

Barbara... I am actually feeling like I haven't seen my studio in ages, but february break (the kids off of school for the week) always does that to me.

Erin... you are too nice!

Mary Jane... all that trudging and yeah, they sleep good. In fact, it is nearly 8am and I am the only one up and I was out till midnight at bookclub!!

Sundown... some kids at the hill before us built up a little mound of snow about a foot tall, instant jump! really hard to stick those landings.

Cindy... with a little help from friends I am really getting the knack of my Nikon. I know what to set it on for action shots and then for close ups. I am learning to control my depth of field too. Yes, I was holding the camera at arms length in front of us for that last out... you need to get one like that of you and your boys!!

crymson said...

I love the family pic! Looks like a blast!

Alice said...

Fun, fun! My daughter wakes up every day asking if today is a snow day.

Love the close-up of you and your kids. So sweet!

Janet said...

Hi Keri Im coming over from Loreleis blog! What a very lovely pic of you and your boys I was touched!
What fun yall had!