Monday, February 01, 2010

Shelving & Socks

new shelves 1
Random things from my mind this morning:

:Jack Rabbit
:the cat is being a spaz
:just 12 days until my birthday
:Lauren sounds like she is getting a cold
:the new shelves in the studio are too deep
:I love the new log splitter Ron bought

desktop 1
:must get to the post office today
:the dishes need to get done, again
:I hate laundry
:I am going to wear blue polka dot socks today
:the cat is now eating a rubber band

new socks
:Andrew left the lotion out on the coffee table
:I need to put another log on the fire
:if I can finish the last tutorial I need to write, I can have some time to knit
:gonna skip knitting and yoga tomorrow because LOST is starting
:I need to call my sister.


mairedodd said...

i love this concept - may jump on the bandwagon... my cat has gone into couch narnia (we have a hole in it beneath the seats and when he is wound up he goes into the bottom)... i hate laundry too and am looking at tons of it... ditto with the dishes... having boys getting older means they are eating constantly, i cannot keep up with the groceries or the dishes! :P my son had to take my camera to school for something he said he would do - i feel like i have lost a limb... here's to knitting - enjoy 'lost'!

Eileen said...

i will follow suit...
i don't have a dog has decided to make the "cowboy" chair his...i love doing laundry but wish everyone would do their own...dishes and laundry never ending...have to be at work but would much rather be home making beads and crafting...knitting?...would love to have more time to knit...LOST, never saw it...enjoy...

have a wonderful day...

crymson said...

woo hoo fellow Lostie!

Cindy said...

Would you believe I've never seen Lost either??? I don't watch any tv!
Glad you remembered "Jack Rabbit"...I did too! :-) And I need all the luck I can get these days.