Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jewelry Alert!

I just posted 5 original pieces from Totally Twisted in the Knock Out Necklace section of my website! These are the real deal, peeps. These pieces are the ones created for, photographed, and shown in the book. A few pieces have already been snatched up, if you want one... better hurry!

I will post bracelets, pendants, and earrings from the book later in the week.

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TesoriTrovati said...

Just got my copy yesterday and ZOINKS! My eyes are popping right out of my head at the beauty gracing these pages. I am devouring every picture, every step, every tip. I am so INSPIRED! I want to play with wire like RIGHT NOW! And when I have a chance you can bet I will be writing a review of this stellar new addition to my library.
My goal this year is to work in more color, and this fits the bill. Maybe I haven't stumbled upon it yet (or you can add it to your Twisted Tuesdays) but is there a consise listing of the recommended wires in guages and colors that you would start with? I know that you must buy it by the pallet load but for someone like me, just dipping her toe, what should I start with? I have copper wire to play with, but those colored wires are dazzling. I really want to play right now (but taxes are calling my name and must be done tomorrow).
Thanks. Sorry for the ramble. But, you know me. =)
Enjoy the day!