Friday, February 05, 2010

Outside Voice

outside voice 1
outside voice details
With Lauren home sick all week, I have had lots of time to sit in my big comfy chair and finish up my latest knitted project. Some of you might remember the "Inside Voice" sweater I knit over the summer from the "Whisper" pattern in the Spring '09 Interweave Knits. I cast on this project the day after Christmas. I spent so much time making things for other people that I felt I was due a project for myself.

The yarn started it all. I was at a knit night with girly friends when my yoga instuctor, Amy, came in wearing her "February Lady" sweater made with this yarn. It was serious yarn lust at first sight. The yarn is called Twisted in the color Corbie from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. There is so much yardage in these skeins that I only needed 2. Sweet. This color is so dreamy. It is the perfect shade of washed out dark denim with hints of a soft green. *sigh* My sister saw it this morning and thought it looked like something my hubby would wear. She called it a "Ron-Boy color" and I think she is right. It is kinda boyish, and that must be what makes me want to cuddle with it.

Anyway... I was in yarn-love and wanted a project I knew I love so as not to waste the lovie yarn. I was tempted to knit a sweater called "Ingenue" in the book Custom Knits, but decided to fall back on the Whisper. I can already tell that this is going to be my throw-on-the-floor-by-my-bed-at-night-and-slip-it-on-when-I-go-downstairs-in-the-morning sweater.

And a special thanks to my fabulous photographer, Lauren. Oh what fun it is to get to take pictures with Momma's fancy camera.


Kristen said...

Another beautiful sweater!! Hope Lauren is feeling better, enjoy your outing today! :)

amy said...

Cute sweater! is that a necklace from superhero designs?

Anonymous said...

Love the sweater. Good job Lauren!

Kerry said...

Thanks Ladies!

Amy, yes, this is the Superhero necklace. I bought it for myself this time last year for my birthday. I love it.