Thursday, August 12, 2010

... And More Beads

bonus beads 1
bonus beads 2
bonus beads 3
bonus beads 4
Over the past few days, as I have been working on the kit beads, I had made sets here and there of other beads too. One of the things I didn't take advantage of at the last bead show was my very eager-to-buy-beads students. Part of me feels like I shouldn't be selling extra in the classroom because I am there to teach not sell. But the business part of me knows that this is a HUGE part of the teaching biz. Students like to buy from their instructors. Now that my kits are done, I will be able to spend the next 5 days working on these bonus beads!

Some of the beads are fresh from the kiln, some are de-stash style sets built from beads on my desk. Who remembers THIS SET OF BEADS from 2007? I think my stringer skills have vestly improved in the past 3 years and I totally want to revisit a few of my older sets or only sorta oldish sets. Wow, it is fun to scroll through the ole archives. It really sparks ideas!

Anywho... if you are intested in snagging one of these sets before the show, you can zing me an email (they are $100 each). (strike that! they all sold!! THANK YOU!) Otherwise, what remains after Bead Fest will be posted on my website when I return!!


Christine said...

I have to learn to make those 'fat-tire' large hole hollow beads you make. I have a zillion ideas for a bead like that!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

drooling over all these fabulous beads!

Cindy said...

Wow, what a walk down memory lane! Yes, I do remember that 2007 set (that was a clever name). When clicking on the flickr link, I saw my Picasso Plantation and Quilting Block sets. :-)