Monday, August 09, 2010

Let The Bead Fest Countdown Begin

bead cleaning

:: Just 10 days until Bead Fest Philly!!
:: Started the day dropping Andrew to his first ever week long overnight camp.
:: Yes, I was a bit weepy on the car ride home.
:: Can't be sad for long, there is beading to be done.
:: I made more then 200 beads this weekend.
:: Some for kits, some for jewelry, some for you.

beads waiting

:: It feels so good to have purpose and a deadline.
:: There may be another important deadline added to my calendar soon.
:: There really is noting better than a bowl filled with bright and colorful beads.
:: But cleaning said pretty beads is rather tedious and makes me wish I had an assistant.
:: Some beads went missing this mid-morning and I paniced until I found them.

beads close up

:: Lauren has a very wiggly tooth, her 5th. It was funny to listen to her leave a voicemail to her Gee requesting she come over and "rip it out".
:: Methotically checking the Homesteaders website to see our first metalsmithing lesson. Class starts today. Hooray!
:: Listening to The Book Thief while torching and I am completely sucked into the story.
:: The buzz of heat bugs really gets on my nerves, grrrr.
:: Oh my, it is just 10 days until Bead Fest!!


Lorelei said...

that bowl of beads is delish! especially love those ivory with orange bumplies!
Can't wait to see you and give you a big ol' bear hug at bead fest.

Kerry said...

me too! can't wait.
are you gonna room with me for a night? i am gonna be so lonely those first few nights!!

Elisabeth said...

beautiful - left you something on my blog:

mairedodd said...

wow - you have been busy! i am going to be there on sunday... would be nice to say 'hi' in person...

Kerry said...

oh that would be grand Mary Jane! alas, i leave on saturday morning.

TesoriTrovati said...

So wish that I lived on the East coast some days! Bead Fest sounds like fun.
I would be weepy too. As it is my kids are spending one night at their aunt's house for some summer fun. Wanted a night out with hubby but it looks like we will be distributing football equipment instead. Oh well.
Love those beads. I would want to run my fingers through this bowl for the tingly thrill of the cool glass and the bumplies (a la Lorelei!)
Have great fun!
Enjoy the day!

Barbara Collins said...

Beautiful beads. From the lady who probably only talked to your daughter and not to you at the Bead Bazaar at the Gathering.

mairedodd said...

ok, i guess i am going to have to meet you when i visit my friend who just moved to rochester!

Cindy said...

What gorgeous beads, Kerry. You have been very, very busy (what, 200 beads??)! And with that crazy busy sense of purpose that sure puts the wind in your sails! :-)