Monday, August 23, 2010

Here In An Instant, Gone In A Flash

bead fest_ on the way
:: Just a few pics today from my adventures to Bead Fest Philly. More tales to come as this week goes by.
:: Who knew that four days could pass in a blink of an eye?
:: Note to self: triple check reservations next time, because double checking isn't enough. (insert eye roll here)
:: Even when it feels like everything is going wrong, it ends up working out for the best. So roll with it.
:: Thankful for opportunities like Bead Fest to remind me just how much I love to teach.

bead fest_lorelei shopping
:: Bead shows are even better with friends.
:: Hi Lorelei, Kelley, Nancy, and Cass!!
:: Note to self: Do NOT wear high heels to demos or book signings or bead shows.
:: There is a newly discovered naturally occurring gemstone called kissmyassite that we all had a good laugh about.
:: Remind me to tell you some time what a doorklace is.

bead fest_while shopping 2
:: Wouldn't this blanket make beautiful beads? (it was hanging in one of the vendor booths)
:: What did I buy at Bead Fest? I'll tell ya another day.
:: I love driving through tunnels.
:: Drives feel twice as long when you finish listening to a book on cd and don't have a second book to listen to in place of the first.
:: There really is nothing like sleeping in your own bed after being in a hotel for almost a week. *sigh* I love being home.

bead fest_heading home


Nonie said...

Sometimes I live vicariously through you Kerry. I'm glad it all worked out to be a great time. Yes! Home is a good thing.

Cindy said...

Hey Kerry...sounds like it was a blast from all accounts on other blogs and on FB. I'm glad you enjoyed your classes and spent time with your friends. I've seen lots of pictures already posted! Guess it will be BeadFest all week long...:-)

Anne Betenson said...

Thanks for the pics.I haven,t ever been to a bead show before so know sort of what to expect now!Looking forward to the Artisan Show next month.Might be turning up with Debs,my crazy lampwork friend.We hope to stay in Leamington Spa.Looking for half-decent hotel.Haven,t told my other half that I am going,but he was sad last year when I had lots of surgery and couldn,t travel anywhere.He will be happy.My expo in art store starts next week so going to be very busy in prep for that.Really glad you all had a great time,love,Anne!

TesoriTrovati said...

Whew. Sounds like a whirlwind of fabulosity with friends and laughter. The best kind. Oh hell to the yeah on comfy shoes. The more hideous the better. Save your feet! And are you taking these tunnel pics while driving? 'Cause sweetie that makes me worry for you. Can't wait to see all you got and hear more about this fab new stone...did Lorelei discover it? I wonder what colors go with kissmyassite?
Enjoy the day!

Rebecca said...

Ok, you really have to tell us what a 'Doorklace' is. I Googled it and only you know!

Erin said...

Looks like good times! Hope to maybe see you there next year. I've enjoyed all your photos. Looking forward to hearing how your classes and demos went! Keep it coming! :)