Monday, August 30, 2010

Because It Is Monday Again

JOOLZ Summer Afternoon

:: I am really treasuring my super quiet mornings this past week or so.
:: We threw the kids in the car on Saturday and drove just an hour away to Darien Lake for a fun family day.
:: I left my camera home and just rode the rides!
:: Torch time the past few weeks has me flying through books on CD.
:: I have heard The Book Thief, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Battle Of The Labyrinth, The Hunger Games, and Chasing Fire.
:: Up next will be our next book club book, A Reliable Wife.
:: I love being read to.
:: I am knee deep in jewelry making with plans to take new designs to JOOLZ this week.
:: Balancing "working" with a fun knit for me.
:: Carrie has been rearing her head to methodically work me through 13inches of stockinette on that fun knit.
:: Speaking of cameras... I haven't been using mine nearly enough lately.
:: I think I want to rearrange the living room again.
:: Note to self: you still need to get loose leaf paper for the kids.
:: I am completely dreading this week's weather. They're saying it is gonna be in the 90s! Yuck.
:: Guess I won't be trying SouleMama's Carrot Tomato Soup recipe this week. Oh well, maybe next week.

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TesoriTrovati said...

::no camera for Kerry! Gah! But I am so glad that you lived it. That is what I do most of the time.
::worked feverishly on the old homestead this past weekend. Still.Not.Sold. Blech.
::worked at Gallery Q and told so many people about the great Kerry in NY who makes beautiful beads.
::have sold over $2000 in jewelry for the month of August at the Gallery Q. Still more to sell. Still more to make.
::rearranging my studio to make it functioning instead of dysfunctional. Now I don't know where I put everything!
::having a very small pampering party at my house on Tuesday. Want to come? ;-)
Enjoy the day!

Cindy said...

We listened to the Percy Jackson series last year...the only time we can sit still to listen to books on tape is in the car! And we spend enough time in ours.
Your new sweater color is so you!

Copper Diem said...

love that necklace. I am following in your footsteps and picking up the knitting again. Nothing as fancy, but still fun