Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Twisted Tuesdays - New Designs

JOOLZ Call For An Up Do 4
call for an up do
summer afternoon worn
JOOLZ Summer Afternoon 3

I have mentioned several times over the past week or so that I have been feeling invigorated by my studio time of late. Yesterday was no different. All the work has been to create a collection of BRIGHTS for JOOLZ (a local jewelry store that carries my work). The owner, Fracnie, has hinted a few times in the last, um, 6 months that she needs new designs for the store. The last time I sent designs, the pieces sold the same day they were put out! Francie knows her clients and what was all black and white last time is all about color this time. Why did it take so long to get her new pieces? Well, there was releasing my first book, teaching nationally for the first time, summer home with the kids, and then teaching again. I really wanted to make sure I fit this in though. Before teaching again in September, and going to the UK in October, and then prepping for an art show in November. So, rather than taking time off after Bead Fest, I jumped right into working on these new pieces. I wasn't sure if it would work. Did I have any ideas for new pieces? Would the kids let me work in peace? I quickly found that I do have ideas, and the kids are deep in self-entertainment this week and last.

The top piece is titled "Call For An Up Do". I am wicked excited about this one. I spent time during 3 separate torch sessions to create more then 15 big hole glass rings. I had in my head one idea about how I would bring them all together, but as I started to build it, that idea wasn't having the impact I wanted. I coiled and coiled and ringed and ringed, trying this and that until it suddenly started to come together. I couldn't be more thrilled with it. It might possibly be one of the COOLEST pieces I have ever created and I am actually kinda sad to let it go. (insert pouting lip here) One of the things that I like best is that I made it into a three part neckwire, so while it is stiff and formed, it lays so nicely on your neck.

The lower piece is one I showed last week. I am calling it "Summer Afternoon". For this, I wanted something sweet and simple. Each really round-round, is bright and poppin' with color. Together they are just sing, if I do say so myself. I don't usually do earrings, but for JOOLZ, I made a few. This necklace is a style that I can see in lots of beautiful color combinations. Can't you see is in beautiful blues and purples with some spots of chocolate brown. Or or, how about, deep reds and oranges with just a touch of purple or brown. Oh yeah... see? Invigorating. And just like the last time I sent JOOLZ new work, pieces are going to fly out of the shop! This piece is already claimed and it hasn't even left my house yet. If you want dibs on a piece, pop over to the JOOLZ website and send Francie an email.

What new twisted things have you been working on these days? Post on your blog and come back here to share a link in the comments!


Kristen said...

Kerry, they're both beautiful, but the top one..oh my gosh! It's a knockout!! I could stare at it all day! :)

TesoriTrovati said...

I saw that one on FB yesterday. Wowza. That is truly the most dynamic thing I have seen yet. It looks so complex and layered. You should charge a lot for that thing. And the butterfly tatoo...totally sweet peeking out there (and that from someone who is not really into tattoos.)
Enjoy the day, Kerry!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Wow! I love the top necklace! The vibrant colors and all the coiling...it totally rocks!

jhayssen said...

I keep coming back to look at your blog because these pieces are so beautifully cheery that I have to keep looking at them! The choker necklace lies beautifully on your neck. Great idea to make it in three segments!!

Kerry said...

Thank you for the lovely compliments ladies!

It is official, BOTH of these necklaces have been claimed now! You gals ROCK!!

Brandi said...

That top necklace totally blew my mind!! It's incredible!

Gardanne said...

Are you sure you are not an engineer? Your pieces are so complex but work, good idea about making the top necklace in three segments it looks so comfortable.

Rebecca said...

Love your necklaces Kerry, but I love your tattoo even more! Looks so great with your hair up. The colours of your beads and jewellery are just spectacular!

Jo said...

What great pieces! The coiling must have taken you hours, but it is definitely worth it. I love the colours - so fresh and summery - perect for the Indian summer we're apparently going to have over here in the UK!