Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Inside Jokes

1) While wandering the aisles at Bead Fest with one Round Rabbit, we came upon a bowl of beads which looked like the beads below. I said to Miss Rabbit, "this can't be real." Turns out the bowl of beads belong to a shopper. She heard my comment about its authenticity and proceed to insist is was a naturally occurring gemstone. Calling it something-site. In a fit of giggles later in the day, that same Miss Rabbit and I, along with our owl loving friend, took to calling it "kissmyasssite". You are more than welcome to call any obviously man made bead which someone insists on calling a naturally occurring gemstone by this name.

bead fest_kissmyassite

2) Doorklace Defined: It is amazing some of the things you'll find a big bead shows. We found a strand of beads that were wooden and the size of baseballs. They were quite literally, a show of BIG BEADS. When wondering what to do with such over sized beads, I said "you could make a necklace for your house, and put it around a door... you could call it a doorklace."


Silver Parrot said...

"Kissmyassite" - that is too funny! I will have to remember that for future use. I was at a different show this weekend and had to pull a fellow shopper aside and quietly explain that the "fabulous deal" she thought she was about to get on "amethyst" was really on purple dyed jade. Because the vendor wasn't about to tell her the truth...

Spirited Earth said...

not sure but these look as though they maybe a commercially coated ceramic bead..
but can you image what sort of earth upheavel it would take to make this naturally occuring..haha
my bad.

Pretty Things said...

There is something called Fordite that is from the Ford Company's painting area, where the layers of paint collected, and it's hard to get because it's a finite "resource". It wasn't intentionally made to be a gemstone substitute, but there's a guy on Etsy selling it. Pretty interesting. Rainbow calsilica is said to be caused the same way -- Mexican potters paint that's collected over time "somewhere". There's a whole controversy over THAT but it's one theory.

However, what you photographed absolutely is NOT it. Almost looks plastic!

TesoriTrovati said...

Well now...I actually used some of that 'kissmyassite' in one of my show pieces. I was told it was called 'rainbow calisilica' but I didn't care because I just thought it was fun. But I am so glad to know what it is really called. Does kissmyassite come from someplace called Kissmyassopatamia?

Enjoy the day!

Round Rabbit said...

I do wish I had purchased some Kissmyassite, it looks so pretty in your photos! ;)

(My word verification word is "Diatink." I think that's a stone that can be found in the same vicinity as Kissmyassite)

mairedodd said...

glad you had some giggly spontaneous fun - that is the best! amazing what people will try to sell isn't it?

Jo said...

LOL! I wondered what on earth you'd seen at the show!

I love Fordite, but that definitely isn't what this is. Anyway, the string would have cost an absolute fortune if it was Fordite!

Laura Twiford said...

I love it, kissmyassite! Too funny. I did have a friend buy a cabochon of that fordite which i had never heard of either, it's true about the paint being dumped in a pond or lake and it became known as fordite! Learn something new everyday!