Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Twisted Tuesdays - All YOU!

I had a rather frustrating experience this weekend when it was brought to my attention that a seller on Etsy was actually using one of my photos, straight from Flickr, as his avatar. I immediately contacted the seller, but had no response. Thankfully a few days later, my image was removed. And yes, it is the same shop where my dear friend Lorelei is being knocked-off. I know just what she is feeling, as I had a very similar situation this past spring with yet another Etsy seller. You should have seen those side by side shots. It just plain sucks that people feel they can borrow other people's ideas like that. Ugh.

Rather than write another long winded post about stopping copyright infringement though, I decided I want to celebrate those of you that get it. Celebrate you that know just what being inspired by means. Often times we joke that when we teach our kids things, we always tell them what they can't do and forget to tell them what they *can* do. This is a post where instead of telling you NO, I am telling you YES YES YES!! From the beginning I have said I want to you make the projects I share in tutorials! That is why I write them, right? All I ask is that you acknowledge the source with a link back to the project, or the book. If can't share a link, at least share my name. That isn't crazy talk, is it?

I didn't need to go far to find fantastic pieces of jewelry showing just what I am talking about. All of them can be found in Totally Twisted Designs Flickr group. Slowly but surely since the release of my book, Totally Twisted, the pictures have been rolling in. And I love them. Truly, I love what people are being inspired to make.

Have a gander at these goodies! (click the image to be taken to the flickr account of the maker! click their name to be taken to their website/blogs!)

Orange Dangley Earring
Orange Dangley Earrings by Jen Judd

Calyspso Fun
Calypso Fun by Sheri Tober

by Lorelei Eurto

Twist to the Max (557 x 600)
Twist to the Max by Designs With Heart (sorry, no website available)

Necklace ReDo
Necklace ReDo by Kimberly Roberts

Out of this World
Out Of This World by Erin Prais-Hintz

by Debbie Fowler

Now, as if that weren't enough beady goodness for one day, I have even more to share! One reader in particular has taken on a rather daunting challenge. She has decided to work her way through every project in Totally Twisted. Yeah, that is right, Molly Alexander is making every project in the book! Here are just a few of her takes on my projects so far.

Projects by Molly Alexander

I would love to do more of these posts celebrating YOU and what you are making! So, please take a second and join the Totally Twisted Designs Flickr Group. Then, run to your studio, make your favorite project, and share it with us!!


Gardanne said...

This is a fantastic post. Thank you for celebrating those of us that "get it," and telling us what you need. We outnumber the folks that "don't have a clue," and it is a welcome reminder that there is more good than bad out there.
Thanks Kerry.

Kerry said...

Thanks Anne!

Libby Leuchtman said...

Ohh look how earthy Molly made her inspiration pieces! Really sweeeettt.

I applaud you for showing others artists work that have been inspired by your book.
It is always proper to give credit where credit is due. Those who don't give credit,I can not tolerate for very long.

Molly Alexander said...

Hi Kerry -

Thanks for sharing these pictures - I (obviously) have been inspired by your work & it is so cool to see how others have interpreted your designs as well. I am enjoying giving the projects my own 'twist' (pun intended - lol!), and am in the middle of another one as we speak.

Have a fantastic week & thanks for the inspiration!

:-) Molly

Rebecca said...

The Debbie Fowler design gives my brain a giddy little something that I can't put into words. That pink flower design is freaking cute! It's inspiring to see how others have been inspired! I believe that sharing creativity enriches all of our cultures as human beings. You Rock!

TesoriTrovati said...

Thank you Kerry! What a surprise to see my work with all these talented designers. You know what I think about inspiration and influence. There is enough creativity in that ocean for us all to go bobbing along! I have been watching Molly with her designs and her earthy take is right up my alley. Shows me what is possible. I am still considering what I will be wearing to my opening of the exhibit tomorrow night and I have an idea in my head for one of yours. I will see if it can come out in the nick of time. I want it to be jawdroppingly lovely.
Enjoy the day!

Anne Betenson said...

I hate people that pinch other peoples ideas and hard work.I have not had it happen to me yet.I have had some lovely e-mails requesting use of some of my pictures,which is very flattering.However I would be very cross if someone just passed them of as their own work.Although they do say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery!Doh!!!Thanks for the brill post,Kerry.

Jen V. said...

Great post!! Thanks for focusing on the positive. :) I can't even tell you how cool it is to be a part of your totally twisted world!!! Bright colors and bended wire...always inspiring...with credit!!