Monday, August 16, 2010

My Monday

kits 1
:: we really packed a lot in this weekend.
:: friday i baked my first ever peach pie.
:: saturday i packed and packed and packed my kits.
:: i may not have any beads to sell at bead fest, but i got kits!
:: saturday we had friends over to watch the pga golf and did a mystery wine tasting.

wine tasting 1
:: i have been knitting a back to school sweater for lauren since last monday, i think will finish it today, cause yeah, i am an over-achiever like that.
:: thinking i will film a video for ya for tomorrow's twisted tuesday. fun.
:: oh wait i forgot sunday...
:: sunday i ate peach pie for breakfast and made 27 gorgeous hollow beads, wait till you see 'em.
:: also started narrowing down plans for my uk trip in october, so freaking excited.

breakfast 1
:: been practicing my solder flooding for homesteader's metalsmithing. practice, practice, practice.
:: ran this morning in 90% humitiy and now i know what it means to be a "hot mess".
:: need to do laundry for bead fest, and pack for bead fest, and grocery shop for bead fest... oh my stars.
:: leaving on wednesday, teaching thrusday, shopping/demoing/booksigning/hangingwithfriends on friday, driving home on saturday.
:: can't express just how good i feel having purpose and things to do and working through to-do lists... i have missed it.


Boot ~C said...

Man o man that pie looks awesome! ( & I am a southern chick, I KNOW peach pie;) )

TesoriTrovati said...

Don't forget to breathe, you overachiever you!
Enjoy the day!

P.S. My word verification is: phily!

Jo said...

Those kits look fab! I just love it when things are organised and neat and in little containers like that - however, in my workshop things don't stay that neat for long!

hello gorgeous said...

phew!...but wait....coming to the UK ~ when in October and where????


hello gorgeous xxx

hello gorgeous said...

oh! and that peach pie looks A~MAY~ZING!!! Care to share the recipe?? :o)

Yvette said...

Hang on did you say UK trip Would that be on business......?

Kerry said...

Hey gals!

To answer the UK trip questions...
1) I will be staying in Watford with my good friend Lucy (go back to June 2008 in the archives to see pics of her visit here!)
2) It is going to be business/personal visit.
3) I will be arriving Oct 1 and staying to Oct 8th.
4) On Oct 2nd I hope to be hanging out at Beads & Beyonds bead/stamp show called Artisan.