Friday, January 28, 2011

Have At 'Em!

forest floor buttons
handme down hollows
happy headpins
rapid river nuggets
bang up bunch
Odd Balls
bead in bead hollow
floatation station
milky blues


Pretty Things said...

I love the hollows, I just wish I could afford them!

Red Bird Jewellery said...

oooh yes - lovely lovely - I really like the milky blues

SummersStudio said...

In a very strange way these beauties are making me hungry.

Cindy said...

Gorgeous, Kerry!!! I especially love that shade of green you used this time...what cool color combinations!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love all your new beads. Unfortunately I was too late to grab any. I really like the headpins. I have not seen any like it. LOVE them!!!


Clayworks by Lisa Boucher said...

Hi Kerry~! How do you do that!? Love the bead in the bead. Great blog - really enjoyed reading about your work. Amazingly crisp photography. Looking forward to seeing what your do with your bead soup. Lisa