Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A Winter Walk

winter walk3
winter walk5
winter walk6
winter walk7
winter walk9
winter walk11
winter walk16
winter walk12
winter walk18

I decided today would be a work from home day. I was off to a good start until, all of a sudden, it started snowing giant fluffy flakes and I knew I had to throw on some long johns for a wintery walk. My new favorite usual spot for an impromptu walk wasn't open, so this walk happened on a different trail. I thought it would be a simple straight shot of a walk but what a surprise I was in for. I discovered a snow cover staircase that led down to a trail that meandered along a creek. The sun shined through the snow falling and oh what a beautiful hour it was. My nose is still cold (in the best possible way) and I am making hot chocolate as soon as I finish typing this.

Yesterday, in the studio, I spent a solid couple of hours sorting my glass rods (and cursing myself for not realizing my camera battery had run out). I was reintroduced to so many shades of colors that were tucked away for one reason or another. While walking in these woods, I kept thinking back to some of those colors. One, in particular, I plan to get reacquainted with very soon to create a piece to honor this walk. I can't wait to bring it to life. If it as pretty in person as it is in my head, you all are gonna love it. First though, I need to get my kiln up to the studio!! That's the plan for tomorrow.

It feels so incredible to have creative ideas flowing again. It can be hard to explain and articulate the feelings though. I was getting to the point where I couldn't really remember what it felt like to really *feel* that spark/drive/pull to make. I was seeking it... but couldn't find it. I think I have finally found it again and it is just so so good to have it back. It is a home coming of sorts.

One last thing, can you see the little fella that flew in to sing to me? He is a bit shy, but if you look close, he is there, in the last photo.


Copper Diem said...

Glad you are finding your muse again. those photos are lovely!

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

Kerry post is perfect timing for me. It's raining here and still dark out and I'd love some snow. This weather is SO depressing, I got a little walk in the snow in my head from your post. Have fun with all that glass!

Brandi said...

I know SO WELL that empty feeling when the creativity leaves you. But I am also so glad that it's come back. Can't wait to see what you're up to!

Your photos, as always, are gorgeous!

TesoriTrovati said...

Your blog always feels like a breath of fresh air to me Kerry! I imagine myself walking along beside you and soaking up the hushed landscape with you. You make me want to take better pictures... or any pictures for that matter! Thank you for that!
I am so excited for your journey and feel blessed that you are putting us on your shoulder to ride along with you.

Enjoy the day.

Sarabeth said...

gorgeous photos-i'm glad this walk has helped guide you to some new mojo-we can't wait to see some new creations.

happy new year.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day, Kerry. I tell ya, it looks COLD though in your pictures! Beautiful none the less. :-) Love the crisp pictures - as if we were right there.

Heather Powers said...

Those photos are amazing. What a beautiful time in the woods. I'm happy to hear your muse is sneaking back into your studio. Happy Creating!

georgia b. said...

your blog is adorable, and you seem like such an interesting person... just by scrolling through and looking at all your photos.

my sister makes jewelry, so i will have to direct her to your lovely site.

found your blog via your profile on picture winter. love it already!

Ellen said...

These pictures are some of my all time favorites.

Sandi said...


Love reading your blog, still holding on to the kits I bought at ArtBliss until I have the perfect project.
I love looking at them and can not wait to see new beads from your new space.

Congrats and Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

I'm a beader but also a knitter, and I just have to ask if you are also--those mitts, scarf & hat are gorgeous! If possible, would you post the pattern? My needles are itching for another cabling project!