Friday, January 14, 2011

Nominate Totally Twisted!


Did you know that in 2010, Totally Twisted: Innovative Wirework + Art Glass Jewelry was the only "beadworking" book released by Interweave? It's true! The others were considered "metalwork" and "stamping". is having a bragging-rights competition for The Best Of ...(different various craft topics). Nominations for The Best of Beadwork are being accepted until Feb 4th 2011 (click the orange text to be taken to the ballet). If you love my book as much as I do, would you please take a moment to nominate it?! While at the link, I also nominated a few of my other favorite beadwork things. Bead Fest is my favorite Beading Show, The Beadin' Path is an awesome resource for vintage beads, and Etsy rocks as the online source for specialty beads. And hey, if you took one of my classes, you could pop my name in as your favorite teacher too.

Once all the nominations are in, the voting will begin! Winners don't "get" anything, just bragging rights. That is, seriously, the best kind of prize! I can hear it now in conversation... "yeah, I wrote the BEST beadwork book according to the readers of". I like the sounds of that!!


Anonymous said...

I am not having any luck finding the topics on Is there something else I need to do? I am typing "The best of beadwork" in their search column and I get thousands of topics. Is there any easier way to find you? I do love your book, it's fabulous!!!


Kerry said...

Tina, if you click the link that is in orange, it will take you straight to the ballet.


steufel said...

Done - I LOVE your book. Actually I reviewed and recommended it on amazon and on my blog a while ago. You did a great job - hope there will another one real soon:-)

sasha and max said...

done! A really lovely book and very deserved vote :)

Anonymous said...

Got it!! Thank you! That was really simple. Have a great day!!


pam ferrari said...

Voted I love your book

SallyAnderson said...

I just got your book yesterday and love love love it! So, of course, I went and did just as you said! Thanks for the instruction. Now I have to get some wire and start playing!

Robin Norgren said...

so very cool! congrats to you!