Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Make Way For The Wire

workbench wire 2
workbench wire 1
workbench wire 3
workbench wire 4

Much of this morning was spent unpacking a rather heavy box of wire. I think you can easily imagine just how awesome I found that task to be. This past Sunday, my hubby finished building my new BIG workbench in the studio. I love how it turned out!! It is going to be great for spreading out on and making messes. AND it will be perfect when teaching too. I just informed him that he needs to build another one. Oh yes, I must have another one and I know just where I want it too. Sadly, he hates being in "the city" (where my studio is located is most definitely "city") so, I will probably have to nag him relentlessly to get it built. I am game for it though... I am stubborn. But I digress... the wire is in the studio. I repeat. THE WIRE IS IN THE STUDIO and oh yeah I am excited. I have been torching for about an hour a day since moving in and I think I have all the beads I need to make my first finished piece in my new space. SO so excited. I plan to bring my tutu in honor of the event. Twirling with happen, you can count on it.

A moment ago, I typed the work lovcated... as in... love and located in one word. I like it. Let's make that a new word, an official word.

Anywho, we are supposed to get a storm tonight and tomorrow and that means a work-from-home day. I am looking forward to it. I have more packing to do and some cleaning to do. Being in two places makes for little time to tidy I am finding. These at home days help with that.


Cindy said...

Kerry, the workbench is amazing - so big and spacious...just perfect. Gotta tell Ron, HE'S THE MAN. It looks like it took a lot of care and time to make. I'm not sure why but the pictures are loading slowly for me - worth the wait though. So nice to see all that color in your studio now - it is really starting to look like YOU.

TesoriTrovati said...

That banner is dynamite, Kerry! And those spools of wire displayed make me do a little happy dance for you. This space is becoming KABified and it looks divine. Enjoy the day!

Alice said...

Oh wow, its so fresh and bright! Love the banner! And that little blue cabinet in the previous post is sweeeet!!!!

stregata said...

Your new studio is really starting to look wonderful - I love how your excitement about it just jumps out of your writing!
Lovcated - that is a good word...

barb said...

love that workbench and your new space! i have bench-envy! what sort of material did your husband use for the top? cheers to you and your new space. you are one lucky lady. i've followed your blog for a while now and know luck really has nothing to do with your success. congrats to you!

Ellen said...

Love the sign with all those colorful discs.
I'm so happy for you in your new space and look forward to watching it all come together.

Courtney said...

Your space is WONDERFUL!

Kerry said...

thanks so so much everyone!
@cindy, ron IS the man! and i told him you said so... he says it is nice to be appreciated.
@erin, i ordered the banner this past fall for doing shows, love how it turned out!
@alice, estate sale finds are sweet!
@stregata, feel free to use lovcated whenever you wish.
@barb, we used mdf (medium density fiberboard) for the top.
@ellen, i am looking forward to it coming together too... one step at a time though, right?
@courtney, thanks!

jhayssen said...

Love your new studio! You've definitely made it 'you'. Ron's table is fabulous! My husband does wood-working as a hobby, and I have definitely taken advantage of it!! Can I ask where you got that amazing wire rack? That is awesome.

Kerry said...

@jhayssen thanks! the wire rack is actually for sorting spoils of thread and you can get it at joann's

Cindy said...

I want that CHAIR! Can't wait to see the space evolve into what you want it to be. So fun watching from the outside. THanks for sharing the process along the way.

diane hawkey said...

I am so excited for you!!