Monday, January 17, 2011

Yes, I Am Rambling Again.

lettuce head 1

:: i have been missing random mondays...
:: this past weekend we were the laziest we been in ages, it was wonderful
:: i am wearing my black ribbed turtleneck today and while it is a favorite, i think it may be the least flattering article of clothing i own.
:: the kids have dentist appointments today
:: i am not looking forward to being lectured about how little my kids floss

winter day 7 :: quiet beauty

:: it is negative degrees out, which is taking sledding off our to-do list today
:: thinking it may be time to put pen to paper and reveal some secrets soon
:: i went for a run this morning after a hyatis that started before thanksgiving... it felt really good
:: not only is my turtleneck not flattering, the sleeves are too short... damn
:: i refuse to change my outfit today

winter day 9 - bundle up

:: isn't popcorn popped on the stove the absolute best? down with microwave popcorn!
:: i joined the modern age and purchase a smartphone last week... pretty stinkin' cool
:: oh, that top photo... saturday night i decided i needed a 6ft long lettuce green ruffle edge scarf (thanks to anna maria horner for the inspiration)
:: it is after 9am and i haven't started the fire yet... better get moving
:: how are you spending this fine winter day?


Cindy said...

Love that throw under the bowl of popcorn. Fun! I am spending the day working at my 8-5 job in IT.

TesoriTrovati said...

...I love it when you ramble. It makes my ramblings actual seem sane since someone else is doing it too. ;-)
...I wear more clothing that is not so flattering and oh so comfy all the time.
...I just cannot get enough of your photography. It surprises me and inspires me every time.
...I hate microwave popcorn! The smell makes me sick to my stomache!
...I am enamoured of my kids new iPod Touch and can just imagine how cool a smartphone would be.
...I wish I were spending the day working on my new pendants now that I have received the supplies to make them!
Enjoy the day!

Cathryn said...

I love ramblings that just go no where and then again, they go everywhere! I will not use microwave popcorn--do you know what they put in that? I can't do stove-topped popcorn but I totally do hot-air popped.