Monday, January 31, 2011

what gets you out the door?

winter day 11 :: warm your heart

(note: all random phrases must be read with a snuffy nose sounding voice and spontaneous coughing with a sneeze here and there... because i am sick, ugh)
:: i have a cold and i will be fine
:: but my butt hasn't spent this much time on the couch since i was a teenager
:: today will be better though, i will make it better
:: speaking of making things better, i love this new project from barbara bechtel, monday militia.
:: i was painting in the studio last week and it completely woke up a sleeping desire to make more mixed media pieces
:: i am still amazed by friday's beadbox update success... thank you
:: three deer just pranced across my back yard! beautiful!! i wonder where they are going?
:: they are saying that we are going to be hit with a big snow storm on wednesday... hope not, i have work to do!
:: i got the cutest pair of gray boots on sale at target and i can't wait to wear them
:: the boots might be what gets me out the door this morning
:: i hate it when i grab the fat free coffee creamer by mistake, yuck
:: the above photo of chocolate cheesecake is from last wednesday night, because sometimes, you just need a treat
:: i have some exciting posts planned for this week, you should really stay tuned! really, really
:: lauren just informed me we really need to make a valentine's box, because it is almost valentine's day, ya know.
:: and then... i ran out of things to say.

hope blooms 1


Laura Twiford said...

Hope you feel better soon! Seems everyone I know is getting sick this week. Good luck with the upcoming storm.

TesoriTrovati said...

Feel better!
And yeah for more mixed media! I would love to have the time to delve into that, but I am afraid I have too many other things going on.
I am melancholy today.
The powdered sugar dust coming down is pretty but I have had enough of that sort of pretty.
I really really want to getaway. Or run away and not come back. But you know that won't happen. At least, I don't think so. ;-)
I am trying to make the stars align to come to the ArtBliss in March. Creative gods and goddesses be with me! (As well as a huge lowering of the flight prices).
Enjoy the day, Kerry!

RockerJewlz said...

Looking forward to more mixed media...your soul is in those.

I too, wonder where those deer went...

Cindy said...

Hey Kerry...that cheesecake looks killer. Unfortunately I enjoy those indulgences far too today. I had the most incredible brownie from Balduccis. I paid for it with a 2 year old that wanted take over the entire store. And that's frowned upon in a store like that!
Lucky you to find boots this late in the season! I looked and looked a few weeks ago and was lucky to find a pair I loved - the last in my size.
I have a cold too. :-(

Katie said...

Love your glad to find all these new wonderful blogs thru artful blogging! congrats! The photos on ur blog are great! man, i need to step up my game.ha!

Cindy said...

And speaking of cheesecake...we just joined BJs after a 2 year break. Guess what they carry?? Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory! That one came home with us! :-)