Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Because

organized books

Despite the sorta still tacky-to-the-touch shelves, I had to start putting some of my books in place on the new display case yesterday. I waited a whole twenty four hours, isn't that enough? I am guessing they won't stick too bad. I have always wanted to group them by color! Seriously, honestly, who wouldn't put their books in color order if given the option? And this is just about half of my collection. Perfect for the lower shelves of the display case. Yeah, cuz' you won't see me putting jewelry busts in a place that would have you bending over hanging your head upside down to see what pieces are below your knees. No... that is a perfect spot for my books.

And oh my, I was in the studio well after dark for the first time last night. I was in the stair well leading to the third floor, and EEEKKK I wish I had my camera on me. You have GOT to see the place lit up through windows. *love*

Come back here tomorrow (late in the afternoon)... I am going to have a *beady* treat for you... possibly beads posted in a little place known as my Bead Box... I'm just sayin'.


Ellen said...

I'm surprised you waited a whole 24 hrs! but not surprised that you organized those books by their color. Yea, you!

TesoriTrovati said...

Love the books grouped by color! I have a lot of those same ones. Just bought the Drawing Lab. Keep on bringing it! Enjoy the day, Kerry. Erin

Alice said...

Funny how a row of books can make my heart go pitter patter. Please tell me you feel the same way too! I was nearly on my head trying to read the titles and found several that I recognize. Mine are organized by subject, and nestled in between are ceramics created by my children.

Cindy said...

Your books are in the studio and not at home now - or will you keep half and half?
I love your new banner! It is the perfect wintertime banner. As colorful as you are, the B&W is so you too. I remember the good 'old Bead Box!! :-)

Kerry said...

thanks everyone!

cindy, most of the books will be at the studio now since that is where all my tools are to try any of the techniques. i have a ton more to move over, but i am thinking a good chunk might get donated to the local library. 8 years of jewelry book buying and i used to like some odd ones.

Copper Diem said...

great book collection! aren't beading & jewelry books so fun!