Monday, February 06, 2012

Jump Rope for Heart!

Tomorrow, yep, TOMORROW, Lauren is participating in something at school called Jump Rope for Heart. It is a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. I just found out in the past hour or so that she could fundraise online instead of door to door!! She has a goal of raising $100 or more (she has $25 so far). If you would like to offer some support as she jump ropes the afternoon away tomorrow, PLEASE visit her funraiser site: Help Me Be A Hero. She only has until tomorrow (Tuesday Feb 7th) to reach her goal (oops, Momma should have read the paperwork sooner!). Any donation would be so greatly appreciated!! THANK YOU!!


YOO HOOO!!! Lauren met her goal in under an hour!!! So, we decided to raise her goal to $200!!
Keep the donations coming... it's for a good cause!

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