Wednesday, February 22, 2012


wednesday 1
wednesday 2

:: Lindsey and I checked out the vintage consignment shop, Panache, and I wished my feet were just a half size smaller.
:: oh how we laughed at the pants suits!
:: Lola Boomer Jane is suddenly feeling lovey and just raced across the room to curl around my feet... she is such a silly cat.
:: $79 for the perfect vintage leather wide band belt that fit like a glove... *sigh* I just couldn't pull the trigger on that price, but OH how I want it so!
:: Simply Crepes is a favorite spot for our birthday lunches.
:: so very thankful for the thoughtfulness of her handmade gifts... a tea (or coffee) mat with a reminder of something I'm striving to remember will be a wonderful way to start my mornings.

wednesday 4

:: my toe hooked around the ankle of my pajama pants this morning and I slammed to the floor... I put a bag of frozen broccoli on my swelling knee.
:: I have fascinators on the brain today (ha ha, no pun intended)... I need/want one for the masquerade party on the Bead Cruise... Lauren and I will make some today, I think.
:: headband or hair clip... headband or hair clip?
:: when the sun rose this morning, it looked like a blazing fire... I burned it into my memory.
:: Ron says he'll be home from work on Friday for me... I'm looking forward to the studio time... packing needs to start.
:: I'm just 2 rows away from adding the pocket lining to my sweater.

wednesday 5
wednesday 3


Anonymous said...

OMG, I belive I have the matching skirt to the shoes - where are the shoes?

Kerry said...

the shoes are at Panache in 12 corners brighton right next to the Yarn Boutique!