Tuesday, February 21, 2012


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:: sometimes I get a hankering to sew something... this urge had been growing for while now.
:: I'm so thankful for the friends the kids have across the street... "can you play?" and "YES" were the best words I heard all day yesterday.
:: back and forth, from our house to theirs
:: between the quiet moments, I started a sketch...
:: oh how I love my beautiful stash of fabric. I hoard it and love it and save it for just the right project. With this, I'll be able to see my most favorite one so much more often.
:: if you have ever taken a class with me, you'll know how bad I am about keeping track of my tools... long deep pockets aught to remedy that.

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:: between my seams, she decided to sew a few of her own... "Momma, help me... how do you make a pocket?"
:: I French seamed a ruffled edge and I felt so proud!
:: it's was so hard to put things down, clear the table, and set it for dinner... so so hard to leave a project so close to finished.
:: at 4am the cat flipped the ironing board over... four...a...m...
:: sun was pouring in the project/dining room this morning as I finished the last stitches.
:: I <3 headpin bokeh.
:: with that finished, today we'll be having a playdate with some more friends on vacation this week.
:: this Momma and that Mama will have a playdate too... thrifting and lunch.

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Fabric is a mix of those by Anna Maria Horner.
I used the waist band pattern from the book Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross,
but the skirting of the apron is my own design.


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful.

Rose said...

Oh I love fabric stashes. I have a little one that is slowly growing. The fabrics you have here are LOVELY. And I love that apron. Pockets make everything better, in my opinion.

Were you using the newspaper to make patterns?

Cats have no respect for sleeping humans... I miss having a cat. :P

Cindy said...

Oh I love art aprons! My favorite part are those sweet ruffles...love it!