Thursday, February 23, 2012


fascinatoring 1bw

:: Lauren and I fascinator-ed the evening away yesterday... I went with a headband over a hair clip.
:: Her's is purple... and she wants to wear it to school when she does her next book report... hmmm, might be too distracting.
:: sometimes I know I should change my camera lens before taking photos, but I'm so into what I'm doing that I don't... and alas, there is a total lack of awesome fascinator photos... but I loosely followed this tutorial I found on Pinterest.
:: I finally bought myself my birthday present yesterday... I now have an iPhone 4s and I freaking stinking love it.
:: last night when all the lights were out and I looked out the window as I was falling alseep, it had snowed.

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:: in the stillness of the morning, I walked in my yard turned to a black/white/blue wonderland... Rusty the cat was happy to have company for his morning walk... I was happy he didn't wake us last night.
:: there wasn't the slightest whisper of a wind or tweet of a bird and I couldn't feel the cold as we walked.
:: just the other day Lauren bounced on a little trampoline under the apple tree saying "Momma, it smells like Spring".
:: as the sun has started to rise and the golden hour of morning shown, I tell you, the world turned to sepia... the beauty of it was impossible to capture in a picture, so I took a picture in my mind.
:: I think we aught to go for a winter walk today before the snow melts again.
:: first I think I'll knit a few more rows on my sweater while the house is still as quiet as the morning outside.

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Francy said...

snow is soooo very beautiful when it belongs to someone else!